How The Coach Dynamics Could Be Different On The Voice This Season

There’s a reason why The Voice stands apart from every other singing competition on TV, and it has more to do with the figures in the big red chairs than with budding vocal talent.
Whereas the draw for American Idol was Simon Cowell’s nasty comments, the best part of The Voice is the chemistry between coaches. A lot has changed since last season — notably that Adam’s become a father, and Gwen and Blake started dating. Here’s what we predict in terms of inter-coach dynamics for season 12 of The Voice.
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Papa Adam

On September 21, 2016, another uniquely named celebrity spawn entered the world. Dusty Rose Levine is the child of Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine and his wife, model Behati Prinsloo. Perhaps they'd just returned from a trip to Benjamin Moore when they chose her name.

Nonetheless, we predict that fatherhood will temper Adam’s typical Loki-esque nature. Instead of constantly behaving like a mischievous trickster god, Adam will be a toned-down version of himself. He’ll be more concerned with watching Dusty Rose blossom (see what we did there?) instead of pranking Blake Shelton.
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We Smell Romance

Though common advice dictates that one should never date a coworker, we’ll bend the rules for Gwen and Blake. Three years into her tenure as a judge on The Voice, Gwen began a not-so-covert romance with veteran judge Blake.

Already, the couple has been jokingly referring to their relationship. In a preview for Season 12, Shelton joked that Stefani should “quit dropping [his] name” when the No Doubt lead singer mentioned her vocal collaboration with her boyfriend. Gwen also abandons her red chair to sit on Blake’s with him.

Given this evidence, we predict an increase of nauseatingly adorable PDA. We only hope that their relationship doesn’t hinder their ability to compete. Don’t let ‘em go easy on each other!
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Double Dating

It's looking like Adam, Blake, and Gwen are socializing outside of work, too.

At Adam Levine’s induction into the Hollywood Walk of Fame, paparazzi snapped photos of Prinsloo and Stefani taking selfies together. Given the bromance between Adam and Blake, perhaps the couples will all go for burgers and milkshakes after The Voice tapings.

We predict increased intimacy between the three judges in question.
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Alicia Keys as Odd Judge Out?

While Blake may be happy to have his girlfriend back as a judge, we wonder how Alicia will feel hanging out with the Voice's new brat-pack. As the first pair of female judges to grace the red chairs, Alicia and Miley formed a close bond over their seasons together. With Miley gone and Gwen back, Alicia will have to contend with a whole new set of social dynamics and the loss of her buddy.

Of course, what ultimately defines The Voice is camaraderie. While Gwen's return may change the court side conversation, the judges are sure to maintain their spirit of friendly competition.