Jimmy Kimmel Made His Daughter The Most Adorable Pancakes This Morning

Photo: Latour/Variety/REX/Shutterstock.
One of the most adorable Disney characters there has ever been is Dory from Finding Nemo. In fact, she was so sweet and cute that she eventually got her very own movie, Finding Dory. Not only is her forgetful personality endearing, she's also voiced by the much beloved Ellen DeGeneres, which only adds to her appeal. So, what could make this little fish even more precious? What about making her into pancake form? That's exactly what Jimmy Kimmel did this morning in anticipation of his appearance on today's episode of The Ellen Show.
This morning, Jimmy Kimmel tweeted at Ellen and showed off the Dory-shaped pancakes he cooked up for his kid. He wrote, "Dear @TheEllenShow , I made my daughter #Dory pancakes to celebrate seeing you today."
Despite the Dory pancake looking a little wonky, we have to admit we're impressed by his effort. Making pancakes into intricate shapes is challenging. Kimmel's two-year-old daughter Jane looks delighted by her dad's culinary creation, which is understandable because, as mentioned above, Dory is the best. What drew our attention even more than the pancake, though, was Jimmy's spatula customized with his face. We really want to know the story behind that thing.
Ellen, true to form, had a hilarious response to Jimmy's tweet.
Jimmy Kimmel will appear on The Ellen Show this afternoon to discuss hosting the 89th annual Academy Awards ceremony this Sunday and hopefully, the two will also talk about pancakes, Kimmel's cute kid, and where in the world he got that strange spatula.