9 Movies You Forgot Viola Davis Was In

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As anyone who saw the recent Oscar-nominated movie Fences can tell you, Viola Davis is a powerhouse. That monologue, am I right?
Davis’s IMDB is downright sprawling, yet she’s only been Hollywood royalty for less than a decade. Her debut came in 2008 when her supporting role in Doubt earned her an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, even though her screen time barely amounted to eight minutes. Since then, Davis has graced the big screen in blockbusters like The Help and appears on TV each week on How to Get Away With Murder.
While everyone recognizes her from those incredibly popular roles, you might have forgotten some of the other gems she's appeared in. One of the most well-respected actresses in Hollywood, you’ll have trouble choosing which film of hers is your favorite.
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Kate and Leopold (2001)

This sentimental love story stars Hugh Jackman as a duke from 1876 who time travels to modern day New York and falls in love with Meg Ryan. She's got a strong rom-com magnet, that one. Davis has a cameo as a cop chasing down the ornately-clad Jackman in the streets.
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Antwone Fisher (2002)

Based on a true story, this drama tells the story of a moody young man in the U.S. Navy forced to see a psychiatrist after a particularly violent spurt. In session, Antwone reveals the emotional trauma that underlies his behavioral issues. Davis plays Eva May Fisher, Antwone's mother who gave birth while in prison.
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Far From Heaven (2002)

This critically acclaimed film follows the life of Cathy Whitaker, a traditional 1950s housewife living in Connecticut, whose life reels off the tracks of convention when she comes in contact with contemporary issues like race, gender, and class. Davis plays the Whitaker family's maid, Sybil.
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Eat Pray Love (2010)

Davis plays Delia Shiraz, the best friend of Julia Robert's character who notoriously sets off on a round-the-world journey full of pasta, praying, and pretentiousness. Maybe that would've been a better title?
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It's Kind of a Funny Story (2010)

Based on a YA book of the same title, this cult favorite tells the story of a suicidal boy who gets a second chance at "it all" after he checks himself into an adult psych ward. You'll catch Davis as Dr. Eden Minerva, his psychiatrist.
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Beautiful Creatures (2012)

You might not expect to see Viola Davis appear in a gothic romance movie based off a YA book, and yet, here she is — further proof of an incredibly diverse film resume. Davis plays Amma, a spiritual Souther woman who takes care of the film's protagonist, Ethan, and his father after Ethan's mother dies.
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Won't Back Down (2012)

In this flick, Davis plays a teacher who teams up with a local mother (Maggie Gyllenhaal) to turn around their failing school system, clashing with bureaucracy and apathy along the way.
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Ender's Game (2013)

This military science fiction flick takes place in the far future. Humans have already been attacked by "buggers," an insectoid alien species, and are expecting a third invasion. Ender, an unusually gifted child, is sent to a military academy to join the resistance. See Davis as Major Gwen Anderson, one of Ender's space combat instructors .
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Get On Up (2014)

James Brown's biopic tracks his journey from extreme poverty to becoming the Godfather of Soul, and an influential 20th-Century cultural icon. Davis plays Susie Brown, mother of the great soul singer.