This Is How To Wear Pinterest's Most Popular Nail Trend

Photographed by Sunny Shokrae.
The birth of some Pinterest boards are very deliberate — like those we make to keep tabs on bachelorette party ideas (there’s never not a bachelorette party to plan, am I right?) — or to track dream bathroom organization. But other pin boards happen more organically. For example, after a few times randomly pinning a trend like chrome nails, you may be shocked by how many look have come to amass your feed, begging to be saved.

Why do we mention chrome? As it turns out, anyone who's pinned the highly-reflective trend is in good company: Pinterest reports that chrome nail searches are up a whopping 570%. To put it in perspective, that's trailed by marble manicures (up 189%) and nail art (up 135%). We totally understand why — just look at the incredible shine factor. With finishes to rival the glean on a Jeff Koons sculpture, how can you look away?

If you haven’t randomly started your own chrome nail pinboard just yet, don’t worry: we got you. Ahead, some of the raddest chrome fingertips that the Internet has to offer to get you started.
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Photo: Via fingernails.are.pretty/Instagram.
Behold: Textbook chrome nails. These natural holographic beauties send images of rainbows and unicorns dancing through our heads.
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Photo: Via paintboxnails/Instagram.
Negative space and holographic tips are a new spin on the classic french manicure.
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Photo: Via ms_locaa/Instagram.
The future is now, thanks to this gel mani, topped with holographic color.
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Photo: Via beautymilleniumnl/Instagram.
These silver-meets-bronze nails come compliments of a dusting of metallic powder over painted and cured nails.
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Photo: Via paintboxnails/Instagram.
Pink- and silver-foiled nails duplicate a cloudy sky in the best way possible.
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Photo: Via jinnailedit/Instagram.
This mani dials up the bling factor, thanks to baby-pink chrome finish.
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Photo: Via marjorie_destounis/Instagram.
Don’t dare call this beige mani basic.
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Photo: Via rachypoo51/Instagram.
Take chrome nails beyond gunmetal and gold with eye-popping chartreuse and aubergine shades that compliment on the color wheel.
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Photo: Via thenailedbar/Instagram.
Does it get more pin-worthy than this marble and chrome mani?
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Photo: Via beautymilleniumnl/Instagram.
Whether talking about hair, highlighter or nail color, this shade has been simply inescapable in the beauty landscape as of late. But we don’t mind: in our book, ultra-reflective rose gold (or is it rose silver) will never go out of style.
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Photo: Via annailco/Instagram.
A pop of vibrant colors give this chrome mani an instant upgrade.
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Photo: Via paintboxnails/Instagram.
Talk about disco magic: This black-tipped mani gives the illusion of shorter nails.
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Photo: Via cravespa/Instagram.
Silver and white beam on this artsy take on the trend.
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Photo: Via paintboxnails/Instagram.
Who says we have to choose between silver and gold? This mani makes a great case for mixed metals.
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Photo: Via sonya_miro/Instagram.
This chrome-tipped design is part French manicure and part nod to the Star Trek logo.
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