Buy These 13 Products For Successful Snow Day Hibernation

Photo: Getty Images.
Snow days are for one thing and one thing only: hibernation. And we actually are alluding to what bears and other wild creatures do: As Merriam-Webster says, "to pass the winter in a torpid or resting state" or "to be or become inactive or dormant." Both definitions strike a distinctly deep cord within our currently frozen over hearts. So if you decided against venturing out into 2018's Bomb Cyclone today, then join us in assuming the hibernate-position — horizontally parked on a couch under two blankets, three layers of shirts and sweaters, and one pair of overtly fuzzy socks. And what's the final key to this successful hibernation equation? Snow day sustenance.
Maybe in the spring or the summer, fresh food is our friend — but in the winter it's all about pantry staples. We're talking prepackaged, frozen, cured, and canned. And before you turn up your nose to these shelf-stable "snacks", consider this: the following essentials are affordable, easy, nearly imperishable, AND comforting AF. So when the snow piles high outside and all you want to do is curl up and Netflix, we've got your game plan covered. Scroll on for our sharpened a shopping list of 13 must-haves that will keep you fueled, happy, and, most importantly, indoors.