Dakota Johnson Can Hold $1,100 In Her Tooth Gap

This is one hidden skill you probably didn't see at your elementary school talent show.

In a Vanity Fair video, Dakota Johnson revealed her secret ability: Fitting things in between her two front teeth. It turns out the Fifty Shades Darker star is a pro at stuffing an impressive variety of items into her tooth gap — and we have evidence to back it up.

Johnson demonstrated her ability to hold a credit card, a cherry stem, and a toothpick in her front teeth with ease. Even a paper clip was no match for the gap. But the most impressive feat was a stack of money — the actress stuffed a full $1,100 worth of bills in between her teeth.

It's a somewhat odd capability, but Johnson has a sense of humor about it. Her father, Don Johnson, was on set during the video's filming, and she suggested he should be proud of her talent. "What a great skill," he responds, clutching his chin in disbelief. "I think you can go far with that." Check out Johnson's tooth gap at work in the video below.