These Are The Most Romantic Restaurants In The Country

Where are you doing your Valentine's Day dinner? If it isn't at one of OpenTable's "100 Most Romantic Restaurants in America," then you might just be doing it wrong. (Unless of course, lovey-dovey isn't where you've set the bar this year and we totally feel you. If you're going the anti V-Day route, we suggest treating yourself regardless.) According to the popular online-reservation site, there are select restaurants out there that actually bottle romance and release it into the air. Which now has us wondering: What exactly is the romantic criteria?

Judging from the 100 rounded up dining destinations in 36 different states, we've gleaned that romance can equal anything from white table cloths to sparkly string lights, flickering candle flames, and stunning views. So if that does sound like your kind of thing, then you may just want to scroll through for some reservation inspiration. From Cincinnati, Ohio to Boulder, Colorado, these restaurants are pumping out the Valentine's Day vibes. See five of the love-soaked spots featured below, and check out the full list here. Or you could always just hit up Mickey D's, no reservations necessary.
Cafe Monarch Scottsdale, AZ
Flagstaff House Boulder, CO
Orchids at Palm Court Cincinnati, OH

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V.Mertz Omaha, NE

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