Lush Is Helping Fight Animal Cruelty In The Sweetest Way

Photo Courtesy of Lush.
In addition to offering some of the most Instagrammable bath and body creations known to humankind, Lush's second biggest claim to fame is its long-standing commitment to fighting animal testing in the beauty industry. The brand does everything it can to draw attention to the cause — even using terrifying, but ultimately effective, performance art.

And if you, too, like your activism with a side of beauty, we have some good news. Lush is revamping its cult-favorite New shampoo bar to help support the Humane Society International’s global quest to end animal testing. The #BeCrueltyFree bar is as socially aware as it is sweet — in scent, we mean, since it smells of cinnamon. Even sweeter is the product’s message: The wooden stick nestled inside features a pair of hashtags, one in English and one in Chinese, to help spread the word via social media in two of the world’s most commonly spoken languages.

The only caveat for shoppers hoping to support the cause? This version of the shampoo bar has limited its availability to the U.K. market, so animal lovers elsewhere will have to find another way to make their feelings known. Lush also sells an eco-friendly tote bag that can help you get your message across loud and clear. It may not make your hair smell like cinnamon, but it will help raise awareness everywhere you go.
Photo Courtesy of Lush.