JetBlue Flights Start At Just $39 — Do Not Miss This Two-Day Sale

Photo: Getty Images.
JetBlue has a way with flash sales. In many cases, they're only valid for specific flights, dates, and routes. Sometimes, the sweet, sweet prices may not last for longer than an hour. Its most recent sale — dubbed A Latte Travel, For A Latte Less, presumably because as fall comes around, everyone is guzzling more coffee — expires today at midnight (September 19, the earlier of 11:59 ET or local time).
All of this means you should hurry and check out the deals available at ASAP, because they're so good. For just $39, you could fly from Long Beach, CA, to Las Vegas (it's $45 for the trip back); for $59, from Atlanta to Boston; for $69, from Richmond, VA, to Boston; and for $104, from Charleston, SC, to New York City (JFK). And these are just a few of the cheap fares.
Valid travel dates are from September 26 to October 14, but be aware of the blackout dates from October 5 to 9 and November 16 to 28 (for all cities), and November 7 to 13 (all New York City-area airports, including Westchester County).
It might just be time to put down that latte and take a little, as they say in the U.K., mini-break. For more routes and additional information, including various restrictions, visit the JetBlue website.