Fox News Tweets Image Calling Duck Dynasty Star A "Dignitary"

Plenty of big-name politicians and stars were at President Donald Trump's inauguration on Friday. But Fox News noticed one attendee other networks weren't mentioning.

In a tweet Friday morning, the network tweeted a screengrab of its inauguration coverage. The image featured Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson above the chyron "Dignitaries Arrive At Capitol For Inauguration."

And, lest you think that banner was a mistake, the tweet also include a quote from Robertson, who told Fox of Trump's election, "I was happy to be a part of this early, but there's a lot of people on board now, that's for sure."
Robertson isn't wrong — enough people were "on board" that Trump became our 45th president. But some Twitter users questioned why the network chose to refer to him as a dignitary.
It's not surprising that Robertson decided to attend the inauguration, though. In a speech praising Trump at the Republican National Convention last July, Robertson said that "no matter who you are, Donald Trump will have your back." Let's hope he's right.