Ben Affleck Has Onscreen Sex Like A "Sick Polar Bear," Says Ben Affleck

Photo: James Gourley/REX/Shutterstock
Ben Affleck is many things. He's an Oscar winner, a former People's Sexiest Man Alive, Batman — and, according to the man himself, a "sick polar bear" in the sheets.

Moviegoers hoping to see a steamy scene with Affleck in his new film Live By Night may get something a little... chillier. In a new interview with the Associated Press, the actor admitted that he's not thrilled with his work in his films' more intimate scenes. As a director, his initial plan was to make himself look as hot as possible in the sex scenes, but ultimately, it didn't work out — because Affleck, the actor, kept screwing it up. Says the star:

"I had to cut it out, it was that depressing. I looked like a sick polar bear."

I'm not sure what a sick polar bear looks like, but it certainly sounds like Affleck is being a little harsh on himself here. After all, few amongst us would look at ourselves in a sex scene and go "Damn, now that's someone who knows how to work it."

Relax, Affleck. No one is judging you as harshly as you're judging yourself.