14 Steps To Getting Your "Hygge" On This Winter

Photo: Courtesy of What's Gabby Cooking.
Have you heard of "hygge?" Until very recently, I had not. It's pronounced "hoo-ga" (not "high-gee" or "huggie" as I had previously suspected) and is a Danish term that, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, refers to "a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being." I first discovered this atmospheric trend on Instagram, where my feed was suddenly flooded with an influx of softly filtered (Lark, no doubt) shots of socked feet and milky coffee mugs, always followed by #hygge. Just picture this: The sun is starting to set, a light snow has begun to fall, there's a crackling log aflame in the fireplace, you're wearing fuzzy socks under an even fuzzier blanket, and someone has just pulled freshly baked cookies out of the oven. Yeah, hygge's like that.

Suddenly people everywhere are buzzing about this cozy quality as something to achieve, especially with regards to food. There's a growing obsession with how to capture, cultivate, live, and eat the hygge lifestyle. And we totally get it — it's winter and that cookie picture I painted above sounds snuggly AF. So because we love food, especially in convivial situations, we've created 14 foolproof steps (recipe included!) to achieving a day (and evening) in Hygge Town. So wrap yourself in a shearling shawl and turn that oven on.

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Step One
At dawn, nestle into a cozy blanket by your favorite window and enjoy a sweet (and well-textured) bowl of porridge.

Recipe: Fried Banana & Almond Maple Porridge
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Photo: Courtesy of Anthropologie.
Step Two
Scoop from a bowl that will enhance your state (e.g. these sleeping cats are hygge by nature).

Leah Goren Cat Study Bowl, $14, available at Anthropologie.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sprinkle With Salt.
Step Three
Mid-morning, bake something that is warm, doughy, and intricately twisted.

Recipe: Swedish Cinnamon Buns
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Photo: Courtesy of Anthropologie.
Step Four
Set out said intricately twisted baked goods on a rustic looking tray — one that could have been made in your pottery kiln out back (but was more realistically purchased at Anthro).

Glenna Platter, $68, available at Anthropologie.
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Photo: Courtesy of Delicious Obsessions.
Step Five
While your buns are in the oven, brew something thick and luxurious with a lovely name.

Recipe: Golden Milk Hot Chocolate
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Step Six
Drink luxurious liquid from a "found treasure" mug.

Perasima Mug, $16, available at Anthropologie.
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Photo: Courtesy of I Heart Eating.
Step Seven
It's always hygge to have some sort of buttery, multi-layered dutch baby baking in the oven.

Recipe: Caramelized Apple German Pancakes
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Photo: Courtesy of ABC Home.
Step Eight
And also to cast iron the shit out of that situation.

Nobuho Miya Cast Iron Skillet,$84, available at ABC Home.
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Photo: Courtesy of Rhubarbarians.
Step Nine
For lunch, a hearty stew with root veggies that appear to have been foraged from the wild will do.

Recipe: Danish Split Pea Soup With Dill
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Photo: Courtesy of Sur La Table.
Step Ten
Make sure your stew is in a double-handled bowl (for double-handed bowl-to-face comfort).

Sur La Table Double-Handle Soup Bowl, $10, available at Sur La Table.
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Photo: Courtesy of What's Gabby Cooking.
Step 11
For dinner, make a bubbling pot of soup that has been finished off in the oven and adorned with a sprig of herb (for extra hygge-ness).

Recipe: French Onion Soup With Gruyere Crusts
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Photo: Courtesy of Anthropologie.
Step 12
Fashion it in a bake-able brass cup with little legs and a handle for you to hold close and slurp by the soft light of your fire.

Caldley Moscow Mule Mug, $24, available at Anthropologie.
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Photo: Courtesy of Playful Cooking.
Step 13
At dark, welcome your clan in out of the cold and into your cozy abode for a homemade cake (that looks appropriately more like a loaf of bread).

Recipe: Carrot Cardamom Cake
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Photo: Courtesy of West Elm.
Step 14
Slice the rich cake loaf and serve it to your guests atop a wooden cutting board — that you perhaps whittled from an old oak tree (or perhaps, didn't).

West Elm Olive Wood Rustic Cutting Board, $49, available at West Elm.
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