The Internet Dubbed This Man #SaltBae & You Need To See Why

If you've never gotten a little turned on by a really nice piece of steak, we probably wouldn't have much in common. However, that might all change once you see one Instagram post that has the internet swooning. This weekend, a Turkish chef named Nusret Gökçe posted a video of himself cutting and seasoning a beautiful Ottoman steak.

Though it really is just a cooking video, it somehow teeters on the border of NSFW because of Gökçe's sultry movements. The internet, of course, noticed this immediately, and now people from all corners of social media are commenting on the chef's over-the-top technique. He's even earned the hilarious nickname #SaltBae because of the sexy way he salts the beef. Before you roll your eyes and claim that the internet needs to take it down a notch, you should see Chef Gökçe's video for yourself.

Ottoman steak 🔪

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Told you. Every part of this video is just too much. The chef's shades, his facial hair, the tight white tee hugging his toned and tan arms. He even has a man bun, for crying out loud. Perhaps the most alluring part of it all, though, is the tender loving care he shows to his meat.
It's clear that #SaltBae's sultry method of seasoning has made him the subject of fantasies everywhere, which could be why people are trying to recreate his moves or put their own spins on them. Sadly, though, these just prove that there truly is only one #SaltBae.