Hot Topic Just Became The Coolest Store In The Mall Again

Studded belts, stretchy chokers, and Simple Plan t-shirts can only mean one thing: You're standing in a Hot Topic store. Or at least that's what it used to mean, back in 2004. And while, sure, the mall store for Goth-lite kids still has all the merch you'll need for your summer at the Warped Tour, it shockingly has a whole lot more to offer, too.

We're talking a beauty section filled with everything you need to add some edge to your look. The store's got its own exclusive beauty line — aptly named Blackheart — along with some other crazy-affordable options, like L.A. Girls. In fact, just about every product stays under the $10 mark.

You know what this means, don't you? It's time to put on your “Free Weezy” tee, grab your wallet-on-a-chain, and head on over to Hot Topic. Oh, and you might want to wear earplugs — we hear the Metallica blares loud in there.
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These Harley Quinn nail sets will hold us over until her own movie debuts.

DC Comics Harley Quinn Nail Polish Set, $8.17, available at Hot Topic.
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Eyes can change your entire look. Keep this little black book on hand the next time you're ready for something intense.

Blackheart Beauty Little Black Book Collection, $12.67, available at Hot Topic.
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We're getting major Kat Von D vibes here.

Blackheart Beauty Magic Spell Eyeshadow Palette, $7.42, available at Hot Topic.
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Go goth without going all the way. Forget the midnight black and opt for something navy.

Manic Panic After Midnight Lipstick, $11.92, available at Hot Topic.
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Adding a bit of drama is never a bad thing when it comes to your fluttering lashes.

Blackheart Beauty Turn It Up Volumizing Mascara, $5.17, available at Hot Topic.
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Lipstick ruts are totally a thing. Nothing like a rosy metallic hue to pull you out.

Blackheart Beauty Metallic Rose Gold Lipstick, $4.42, available at Hot Topic.
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Wait, are skulls cool again? Count us in.

Blackheart Beauty Cursed Nail Polish, $3.75, available at Hot Topic.
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Talk about keeping it real — these false lashes are made with 100% human hair.

The Crème Shop Dramatic Lengthening False Eyelashes, $4.42, available at Hot Topic.
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It might be 2017, but we're still down for a '90s brown lip.

Blackheart Beauty Cocoa Matte Lip Cream, $3, available at Hot Topic.
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Habits are hard to break — and contouring is certainly one of them.

Blackheart Beauty Duo Contour Stick, $3.67, available at Hot Topic.
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When a sold-out palette from Sephora gets you down, we think this inexpensive alternative will cheer you up.

L.A. Girl Beauty Brick Nudes Eyeshadow Palette, $7.12, available at Hot Topic.
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A resurgence of every Disney classic is upon us — and this sponge set with have us ready at any moment.

The Dream Girl Disney Sleeping Beauty Face Sponge Set, $9.67, available at Hot Topic.
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Setting sprays are a must for oily skin and this one rings in just under $7.

L.A. Girl Pro Setting High Definition Matte Setting Spray, $6.67, available at Hot Topic.
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It's the year of gloss and we're here for it — starting with this nude lacquer.

L.A. Girl Dreamy Matte Pigment Gloss, $4.87, available at Hot Topic.
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Makeup sponges already simplify our routine, but putting a blender on a stick is another level of beauty genius.

Swissco Precision Blending Sponge & Brush 2 Pack, $9.67, available at Hot Topic.
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This rosy hue is a cheap, and amazing, alternative to some pricier picks.

L.A. Girl Glazed Blushing Lip Paint, $4.42, available at Hot Topic.
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Smoky lip kits make getting a sexy mouth that much easier.

Blackheart Beauty Black & Burgundy Ombre Lip Pencil, $3.67, available at Hot Topic.
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No matter the season, you can make pastel work. Take this 12-shade kit for a spin that ranges from matte neutrals to smoky blues.

Blackheart Beauty Pastel Dreams Eyeshadow Palette, $6.67, available at Hot Topic.
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Reminisce on the good 'ol days (aka this summer when Pokémon Go was everywhere).

Hot Topic Pokemon Pikachu Hair Brush, $6.67, available at Hot Topic.
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A makeup sponge is a makeup sponge, but when it's dressed up as a bunny, we're sold.

Oh K! Blending Makeup Sponge, $6.67, available at Hot Topic.
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Still not over Rogue One: A Star Wars Story? Keep this Darth Vader compact in your bag for every time you're missing the galaxy.

Hot Topic Stars Wars Darth Vader Helmet Hinge Mirror, $7.42, available at Hot Topic.
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Beauty balms are the go-to for lazy girls. And if you're looking to avoid a cakey face, go for something lightweight like this.

Beauty Treats BB Cream, $3.59, available at Hot Topic.
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Your skin tone changes throughout the year, so be ready for any season with this 10-shade palette.

Style Essentials 10 Shade Concealer Palette, $7.12, available at Hot Topic.
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Here's to another year of glitter lips.

Tattoo Junkee Grunge Lip Paint + Lip Effects, $8.17, available at Hot Topic.
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