These Celeb Sightings At The '07 Golden Globes Seem So Foreign 10 Years Later

A decade goes by awfully fast, doesn't it?

The world of pop culture as it was just ten years ago actually looks pretty wacky today.

When the Golden Globes aired in January 2007, Mad Men, The Big Bang Theory, and Gossip Girl hadn't even premiered yet. And how did we ever survive in a world without the Golden Age of TV classics like Ice Road Truckers and A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila?

Here's one more truly WTF factoid about TV in 2007: It's the year we said goodbye to 7th Heaven, Gilmore Girls, Punk'd, The O.C., and The Simple Life. (Seriously, is your mind not boggled?)

An intact Brangelina still glowed on the red carpet. We were on the third Pirates of the Caribbean, the fifth Harry Potter, the third Spider-Man (of the O.G. Tobey Maguire ones), and, mercifully, the first Transformers. (You know, if I had a time machine, I might use it to go back and stop Michael Bay and Shia LaBeouf from ever spawning the crap heap of a franchise that would plague cinemas worldwide for years to come.)

So, join me on a magic red carpet ride back to 2007. Let's see how different the Golden Globes roster looked one whole decade ago.
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Photo: Stefanie Keenan/Patrick-McMullan/Getty Images.
Ken Davitian

You probably recognize this man by his other set of cheeks. Yep, this is the actor who played Azamat, a.k.a. Borat's producer and butt-naked wrestling partner.
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Sean "Diddy" Combs

Diddy will forever and always be relevant in our hearts, but the hip-hop mogul — who was then still executive-producing Making the Band — is not exactly a movie and TV awards show mainstay these days. Which is a pity, considering he looks dapper AF in a tux.
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Jennifer Love Hewitt

Before there was J Lawr, there was J Love. And she spoke with ghouls in hushed tones on Ghost Whisperer, then at its peak.
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Evangeline Lilly

We couldn't get enough of the stunning Lost star back when there was still a chance in hell that the show, then on its third season, would resolve any of its big mysteries.
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Jorge Garcia

Oh, Jorge. We miss your cheery and dependable red carpet presence as much as we do Hurley.
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Emily Blunt & Michael Bublé

Please, imagine a world in which the cutest couple ever does not exist. This disturbing photograph is evidence of the alternate reality that was 2007.
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Jason Lee

Back when My Name Is Earl was kind of a thing.
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Sheryl Crow

These were the days when the country singer was composing for blockbuster animated movies like Cars and Bee Movie.
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Jay Manuel

America's Next Top Model's star judge (sorry, Miss J) spiced up red carpets like no other back when ANTM still ruled the world.
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Becky Newton & Michael Urie

This dazzling duo from the groundbreaking new comedy Ugly Betty made their Golden Globes debut in '07 — and, sadly, is seldom seen on our screens anymore.
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Jessica Biel, Emily Blunt & Sean "Diddy" Combs

It's not the individual people in this one — more just the utterly random combination of them.
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Matt Dallas

The boy with no belly button was a total heartthrob on Kyle XY and IRL.
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Sarah Chalke & Zach Braff

We miss when this adorable Scrubs duo was a red carpet staple.
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B.J. Novak

Back when the Office writer and star and Mindy Kaling were equally popular. B.J., where'd ya go?
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Michael Bolton & Nicollette Sheridan

The soft rock crooner and Desperate Housewives star were still engaged, and Housewives was nominated for a slew of Globes that year.
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Paris Hilton

Little did we know that Hilton and Nicole Richie's critically acclaimed series, The Simple Life, would be coming to an end later that year. It's funny to think how the then-reality star bared it all on camera given how private she is these days.
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David Spade

Just no comment.