Oh Joy!'s 2017 Spring Collection Is Here & We Want It All

Are you in a post-holiday funk? Looking for a way to shake off the winter blues? We have just the thing.

Blogger and design maven Joy Cho's latest home collection for Target is officially here — and it's good. Her spring 2017 line is everything you'd want to shake off the winter blues: colorful, cheerful, and just cheeky enough. And, just like spring, its a mix of showers and flowers. Graphic cloud designs mix with floral bursts of color perfectly reminiscent of the first blooms of the season.

The pieces also have a vintage vibe, which means they work well together or alone, giving any room a fun pop of color. The good news is you don't have to wait for the weather to warm up to get your hands on them: The entire collection is available now online and in select Target stores. Better yet, the prices are friendly even to our post-holiday spending budget.

Click through to see the entire Oh Joy! collection in all its glory.
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With bright bursts of color, the entire collection embodies spring.
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Oh, Joy! Gold Lady Planter, $19.99, available at Target.
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Oh, Joy! Layered Cloud & Sun Lamp, $59.99, available at Target.
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Oh, Joy! OMG Vase, $29.99, available at Target.
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Oh, Joy! YAY Vase, $29.99, available at Target.
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Oh, Joy! "Hey You" Framed Artwork, $24.99, available at Target.
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Oh, Joy! "Let's Go" Framed Artwork, $24.99, available at Target.
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The pieces have an effortless, thrifted vibe. Here, several are mixed together for a cute desk set.
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Oh, Joy! Globe Table Lamp, $69.99, available at Target.
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Oh, Joy! Abstract Framed Floral Artwork, $17.99, available at Target.
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Oh, Joy! Colorblock Votive Holders, $6.99, available at Target.
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Oh, Joy! Round Swivel Accent Table, $99.99, available at Target.
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The candy-colored hues are perfect for a dessert party...
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... or keeping your odds and ends corralled.
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Oh, Joy! Ceramic Cloud Tray, $16.99, available at Target.
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Oh, Joy! Rainbow Ceramic Small Plates, $14.99, available at Target.
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The vases look great with fresh buds as well as alone.
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Oh, Joy! Iridescent Half Circle Vase, $22.99, available at Target.
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Oh, Joy! Mama Dove Vase, $14.99, available at Target.
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Serving suggestion: fill up these fun little bowls with sweet treats, serve to guests, repeat.
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Oh, Joy! Mini Ceramic Bowls, $14.99, available at Target.
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Oh, Joy! Baby Dove Vase, $12.99, available at Target.
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Oh, Joy! Rainbow Stripe Embroidered Pillow, $19.99, available at Target.
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Kick your feet up and relax with one (or all) of the collection's bright and functional pillows.
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Oh, Joy! Triangle Pillow In Abstract Dot, $24.99, available at Target.
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Oh, Joy! Cloudscape Gold Embroidered Pillow, $19.99, available at Target.
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Oh, Joy! Iridescent Round Ottoman, $74.99, available at Target.
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A colorful greeting at your door, no matter the April showers.
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Oh, Joy! Rainbow Doormat, $16.99, available at Target.
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