This Is The Best New Year's Resolution For You Based On Your Sign

Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
If you thought you were going to get a break from the chaos in 2017, think again, stargazers. The coming year "looks to be a year of unexpected and unprecedented events," astrologer Chani Nicholas told Refinery29. "It is a year that asks us to respond in wildly creative ways to the situations that challenge us the most."

Nicholas, who's actually made an online course on preparing for next year's astrological events, added that it remains uncertain how exactly 2017 will challenge us, but challenge us it will: "This year's astrology could either feed the flames of intolerance or feed the creative strategies towards overcoming it. Or both."

Okay, before reading any further, take a deep breath. Instead of going off the grid until 2018, we believe your New Year's resolution is a great way to help you prepare for the year to come. What exactly that means for you depends on your astrological sign.

Let's be clear: Resolutions aren’t about forcing yourself into a role that you wouldn’t feel comfortable playing normally — they might be difficult, but they’re more about finding your best self than changing who you are. With that in mind, we took into consideration the personality traits that are already associated with each sign.

In addition to speaking with Nicholas, we also consulted with our very own Astrotwins' 2017 predictions. Ahead, we offer you some insight into how each sign might want to prepare for the new year.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
Aries: Take the lead

"All fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) will be positively affected and majorly stimulated by the astrology for 2017," Nicholas explained. Emotions will be running high next year, Aries, and that is when Rams tend to thrive.

Your natural-born leader tendencies will come out when the going gets tough, and everyone around you will be better for it. Don't be afraid to take charge, but keep your competitive side in check — watch out that you don't throw fuel on an already roaring fire.
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Taurus: Be a risk-taker

Bulls are sometimes criticized for being overly cautious, and you might feel pushed to only restrain yourself more in the potential whirlwind of 2017. Resist that urge, Taurus! This coming year may be unpredictable, but that doesn't have to be all bad. Act on those desires you ignored in 2016 — take a class in a new subject, date outside your regular pool.

But don't forget: Taking risks does not necessarily mean acting carelessly. Don't completely shut out that methodically-minded voice in your head.
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Gemini: Take center stage

Let your natural dynamism come out to play next year, Gem. Those who called you fickle or overactive in previous years will be biting their tongues when they see how you shine in new, unexpected situations. You already love to experiment, so give into that urge and see where it gets you. As a sign who rarely minds the spotlight, you'll be pleased to find your behavior winning you all the right kinds of attention this year.
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Cancer: Nest like you've never nested before

It may seem redundant to tell homebody Crabs that they should nest, since most of them probably do that every year anyway. But, carving out a safe and secure space for you and your loved ones will feel all the more sacred in 2017, Cancer. Learn to cook, dabble in interior design, or practice your hosting skills. Everyone will be seeking comfort in the year ahead, and you're just the person who knows how to provide them with it.
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Leo: Get organized

“If you have your sun, moon, or ascendant in Leo or Aquarius, chances are this year will bring about an increase in activity in terms of what you are working on, developing, and healing within yourself," Nicholas said. In other words, now's the time to clean house, Leo. Rather than fueling the chaos (which, let's be honest, is sometimes your wont), hit the brakes and take stock of your goals, needs, and plans for the next year. Once 2017 is in full swing, you'll be ready to proceed full-speed ahead.

This could be your year — as long as you're prepared to receive it.
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Virgo: Be an outlet

Those friends who always come to you for guidance might be stopping by more frequently next year. Luckily, you’ve got a knack for practical advice, so now's the time that you go full-on Dear Abby and provide your loved ones with the sounding board they'll need. As a grounding earth sign, you can imbue any conversation with sobering clarity — the challenge in 2017 will be to listen as much as you advise, and to avoid the urge to preach.
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Libra: Read the room

Your sign is represented by the Scales of Justice for a reason, Libra. Your diplomatic spirit lends itself to tasks like mediation and conflict resolution — and you’ll need those skills more than ever in the coming year. Your charm and ease with mingling are your most powerful weapons, so use them to help others and yourself.
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Scorpio: Stay engaged

Scorps love alone time and, in turn, hate confrontation. But, in 2017, do not give into the temptation to tune it all out. No one expects you to become a master debater, but it'll be in your best interest to keep your ear to the ground, even from a comfortable distance from the action. Being aware of what's going on in the outside world will help you better understand how to care for yourself.
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Sagittarius: Channel your energy

Your thirst for adventure will feel especially unquenchable in 2017, Sag. Don't feel like you shouldn't chase those thrills, though. You can absolutely remain the risk-taking, do-it-all Archer we know and love, but consider directing all that unbridled zeal toward a single pursuit, like your career, a hobby, or your health.

You've never met a challenge you didn't like, and 2017 is essentially a free invitation to take your pick of them. Pushing yourself toward one goal will have a greater payoff than trying to go in multiple directions at once.
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Capricorn: Be patient

Fess up, Cap — you hate it when things don't go according to plan. As the taskmaster of the Zodiac, you struggle to go with the flow sometimes, but next year is the time to give that a try. We won't make you relinquish control completely (because what Goat could do that?), but we will urge you to give everyone around you — and yourself — a little more wiggle room. Surprises are not the end of the world. They're just an opportunity for you to show off that quick Capricorn wit.
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Aquarius: Lean in

As Nicholas mentioned earlier, Aquarians and Leos will feel the astrological effects of 2017 with particular intensity. While that means that Leos should keep their heads down, Water Bearers should spend the coming year opening up instead. The unpredictability that Nicholas described may appear as unexpected opportunities in your career and personal life, Aquarius, so have your feelers out and be ready to grab those chances as they come. This is not the time to guard yourself — take the leap.
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Pisces: Gird your emotions

This is going to be an emotionally intense year, but that doesn’t mean you need to put your own feelings in the corner, Pisces. As a deeply emotive sign, you will need to honor your needs even more as tempers shorten around you. As much as you may wear your heart on your sleeve, keep it protected this coming year — you'll find it easier to see your long-term goals through when you're wearing this emotional armor.