30 Cool-Girl Accessories For Getting Sh*t Done

As the holiday gift season winds down, you might feel like permanently retiring from shopping. But even though your bank account (and patience, and joy, and...) might be a little depleted, holiday bonuses, gift cards, and the money you get from returning that sweater you got from your well-meaning aunt can all make up a nice retail-therapy fund for the new year.
If you're looking for the perfect gift to get yourself in 2017, consider a feminist accessory. These trinkets send a clear message every time you put them on — you're here to f*ck shit up, and you don't care who knows it. You can go subtle with a nameplate necklace, or try out a bold look with a profanity-laden trinket. Maybe even pack up your activism supplies in a durable feminist tote. There's nothing wrong with mixing your love of fighting for gender equality and glitter.
Click through to find the perfect girl-power touch to any outfit.
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For those moments you need a little hit of inspiration.

MantraBand She Believed She Could Cuff, $25-$35, available at Nordstrom.
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A simple, minimalist take on female power.

Elizabeth Suda Female Symbol Necklace, $120, available at Uncommon Goods.
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Something to keep all your other feminist accessories safe.

Look Human Don't Tell Me To Smile Accessory Bag, $19.99, available at Look Human.
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Truer words were never spoken.

Feminist Apparel
Pizza Rolls Not Gender Roles Tote Bag, $24.95, available at Feminist Apparel.
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Let everyone know what team you're rooting for.

Tuesday Bassen
Girls Pennant Pin, $10, available at ShopTuesday.
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For you and another feminist in your life.

Band of Weirdos
Best Witches Necklace, $26, available at Band of Weirdos.
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Show off your feminist and badass side.

Dolores Haze
Feminist Silver Hoop Earnings, $108, available at Dolores Haze.
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Never was an organ so adorable.

Punky Pins Cuterus Woven Patch, $5.58, available at Punky Pins.
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Pronoun power.

Autostraddle She/Her Pronoun Pin, $10, available at Autostraddle.
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Because you're classy AF.

Leah Ball
Feminist As F*ck Ring, $195, available at Leah Ball.
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For your more casual fighting-the-patriarchy days.

Wild Feminist Snapback, $34, available at Wildfang.
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To wear instead of pearls (or with them, if that's your thing).

Bing Bang x Me & You
Feminist Necklace, $125, available at Bing Bang NYC.
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Subtle, unlike your feminist agenda.

Feminist Ring, $68, available at Redwolf.
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Goes with any length of skirt you feel comfortable rocking.

Absolute Socks Feminist Define Yourself Urban Knee-High Socks, $9.99, available at Absolute Socks.
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You're a strong, independent woman, and you can wear a summer-camp-style bracelet if you want to.

Venessa Arizaga Ringleader Bracelet, $55, available at Venessa Arizaga.
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Girl power in a delightfully mod package.

Valfre Flower Power Backpack, $68, available at Valfre.
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When someone asks if you have plans.

Word for Word
Feminist With A To-Do List Pin, $12, available at Otherwild.
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Why shouldn't you?

Adam JK
I Feel Great Enamel Pin, $10, available at Adam JK.
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Sing it loud.

Liana Spiro Females Are Strong As Hell Tote Bag, $20, available at RedBubble.
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A summary of your search history.

Riots Not Diets Ring, $88, available at Nylon.
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Some throwback feminism.

Hello Holiday Votes For Women Pin, $11, available at Hello Holiday.
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Fair warning to everyone you encounter.

Weird Empire Unapologetic Pin, $10, available at Weird Empire.
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It's important to be specific.

Craftboner Feminist As F*ck Pin, $10, available at Etsy.
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You're a woman who has her priorities straight.

Bando Fries Before Guys, $12, available at Bando.
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Bra burning never really went out of style.

Sara M. Lyons It's Lit Iron-On Patch, $6, available at Sara M. Lyons.
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Wear your enthusiasm for comprehensive birth control proudly.

JoyComplex IUD Earrings, $25, available at Etsy.
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Show your love for all the ladies.

Big Bud Press Ladies Heart Pin, $15, available at Urban Outfitters.
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A flowery side of feminism.

Mikaela Puranen Feminist Tote Bag, $18, available at Society6.
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Cyndi Lauper would approve.

Cafe Press Girls Just Wanna Have Fundamental Rights Tote, $14.95, available Cafe Press.
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Old-school cute.

Ryan Porter
Feminist Bracelet, $25, available at Shop Ryan Porter.