Hilarious, Scary & Utterly Bizarre Sum Up 2016's Most Googled GIFs

Photo: Courtesy of MTN Drew/ Pepsi Co.
A puppy monkey baby walks into a Super Bowl ad and launches a GIF for the decades. Before 2016, who would have thought that those three words (puppy monkey baby) could be put together and result in one of the most googled GIFs of the year? Apparently, only Mountain Dew, creator of bizarre, anthropomorphic TV spots.

If there's one thing that can make you laugh, cry, and, at times, question humanity, it's a viral GIF. A GIF may only take seconds to create, but it can be one of the most accurate ways to express how you're really feeling via text. Can an emoji really compare to dat boi? Questionable.

Ahead, the 10 GIFs that ruled Google searches in 2016. We really don't want to know what the person who created puppy monkey baby dreams about at night.
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10. Pride & Prejudice

The 2016 release of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies was likely behind the popularity of this GIF search. Badass Bennett girls murdering the living dead: What's not to like?
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9. Suh Dude

Just bros being bros. This viral GIF was still riding high in 2016, a full year after the series of clips it originated from hit the web. According to Know Your Meme, those clips came from American dubstep producer Getter (real name: Tanner Petulla) and Vine comedian Nick Coletti.
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8. Jungle Book

Bring on the tigers. Disney turned the popular animated classic of your childhood into a live-action blockbuster, meaning that The Jungle Book GIFs hit their high in searches.
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7. Good For You

Can I get a slow clap, please?
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6. Donald Trump

No explanation necessary.
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5. Dancing Kid

This groovy toddler, who got jiggy to the song "Vu Dieu Cong Chieng" on TV, has moves that they just don't teach you in preschool. And we want them.
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4. Just Do It

MAKE. DREAMS. COME. TRUE. Shia LaBeouf wasn't preaching Nike's slogan, but he sure is motivational. Watch his speech and, well, you know what to do.
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3. Dat Boi

The beginning of Dat Boi dates back to a single photoshopped image from 2014. According to Know Your Meme, it developed further on Tumblr and reached its present state, a green frog on a unicycle, via Facebook. What does it mean? "Here comes dat boi!"
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2. Bautista Bat Flip

In 2015, the Rangers and Blue Jays were battling it out in game five of the American League Division Series when Jose Bautista hit a home run and celebrated by hurling his bat in epic fashion. One year later, fans still couldn't get enough.
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1. Puppy Monkey Baby

And the award for the creepiest, strangest, and most nonsensical (and most popular) GIF of the year goes to Mountain Dew. Its 2016 Super Bowl ad actually created the hashtag #PuppyMonkeyBaby and resulted in one very disturbing Halloween costume.