Fashion's Most-Googled Questions Of 2016, Answered In GIFs

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At the close of what could easily be described as The Year That Had No Chill (or, alternately, The Year That Actually Felt Like A Thousand Years), we're happy to remind you that 2016 expires soon. And that means a couple of things. For starters, you've made it — congratulations. Secondly, it's layering season — discuss your feelings on that among yourselves. But also, it's roundup time, meaning recaps of the year's headlines are starting to roll out, and what a ride it's been. Yesterday, Google released it's top searched fashion questions from the past 12 months, and looking back through that lens...we're a little concerned.

Because honestly — truly — where did the industry go wrong in sorting out fashion's (apparently) most common conundrums? And, frankly, we're a bit surprised people are still searching for the answer to "What is haute couture?" Look, we get it — more often than not, fashion doesn't make a ton of sense. For example, at what point is a decade properly primed for a comeback? And are people really buying couture? These perplexities, plus eight others, are answered in the slideshow ahead. Get your pen and Post-its ready.
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1. "How to cut sleeves off a shirt?"
Really? (Okay, but if you are genuinely in need of some DIY sleeve-hacking inspo, Kendall Jenner has a couple looks to guide you on your journey to bare biceps.)
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2. "How do I start modeling?"
For starters, you could practice walking up and down your hallway before stepping foot onto (or off) a Yeezy runway.
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Also, as a friendly reminder...
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3. "What is haute couture?"
Too damn expensive.
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4. "How to wear booties with skinny jeans?"
Hey, you'll never know unless you try.
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5. "When can you start wearing white?"
Literally whenever you want.
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6. "How to become a fitness model?"
Wearing a shitload of athleisure is a good start. (Also, wait, are people really out here trying to sell Fit Tea?)
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7. "What is boho?"
Are the fast-fashion fairies bopping around Coachella not sufficient boho style role models for you? If not, let us assist.

First, start with a band tee (à la Jenner). Then, add some fringe (also like KJ) and a dose of distressed denim cutoffs. And finally, top it all off with the biggest floppy hat you can find.
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8. "What did people wear in the '90s?"
Well, it depends whom you ask. If you ask Mariah, she'll tell you from experience. But if you ask someone like Gigi Hadid, one of this generation's (various) '90s-obsessed celebrity models, she may tell you the obvious (ahem, chokers, ahem).
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9. "How to dress like a hippie?"
Step 1. Go to Gucci.
Step 2. Window shop.
Step 3. Leave Gucci.
Step 4. Find the nearest vintage boutique.
Step 5. Dig around until you get your hands on your very own DIY, Alessandro Michele-approved flower child look.
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10. "How to become a fashion designer?"
That's all.