The Coolest Holiday Nail Art — That Even A Grinch Might Like

Photographed by Dan McCoy.
Holidays as we know them are cheesy enough. There are the color themes, seasonal candy wrappers, pumpkin/reindeer/Cupid-printed get it. So, it should go without saying that you don't need to throw themed nail art into the mix. Because the problem with painting your nails in red and green stripes is that red and green don't look good together, if you're being honest with yourself, and the manicure will feel dated on the morning of December 26.

But it's the last couple weeks of what's felt like an endless year. You're tired and out of ideas — we get it. Grab a cup of peppermint cocoa (you might as well spike it...), sit back, and pick your favorite look from the best of Instagram, ahead. There are blues and silvers, golds and nudes, and only one itsy-bitsy red-and-green detail. In other words: None look like Christmas vomit.
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Photo via @jinsoon.
Branch Out
Even tree ornaments become seasonless when you use shades outside of the traditional holiday color scheme.
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Is there such a thing as too much plaid on a freezing day? We think not. Throw on a flannel, curl up with a blanket, and grab a striping tool to draw very thin lines up and down your red manicure.
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Photo via @aliciatnails.
Pailleté Party
Covering your entire nail in confetti is a lot of look. We support that kind of all-or-nothing approach, but if you want something a little more restrained and out-of-the-box, line just the moon and the tip in oversized sparkles (try OPI's I Reached My Gold) that bounce off light in an intense fashion.
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Silver Lining
A less literal — but pretty electrifying — way to show off your Hanukkah spirit.
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Photo via @chelseaqueen.
Bough Of Holly
Go ahead and deck the halls with the stuff, but play it cool on your nails with a single accent of holly that lets the pretty, gold streamer design have its moment, too.
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Photo via @jinsoon.
Wrapped Up
If you don't have the steadiest hands, you can use reinforcement labels as guides for your super-thin crescents. Patience is key, but the final, nail-elongating result is worth it. (Just one thing: If you have ragged cuticles you're always biting and picking at, you might want to skip red polish on the base to avoid any blood associations. That's not a cheery image this time of year.)
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Photo via @marienails.
A Chrome Christmas
Start the NYE party early with disco-ball chrome polish, but throw the holidays leading up to it a little love, too, with snowflakes, firs, and stars.
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Photo via @vanityprojects.
Candy-Cane Lane
The pinkish-nude base color means you can trot out this nail art again around Valentine's Day.
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Photo via @painboxnails.
Mixed Metals
Remember when you were a kid and painted each nail a different color? Or asked the orthodontist for rainbow braces? This is the sophisticated, grown-up version of that.
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