Blink & You'll Miss Zendaya In The New Spider-Man Teaser

Speculation continues to buzz around Zendaya's role in Spider-Man: Homecoming, which is slated to hit theaters next summer. The first trailer, released today, gave us little insight on the 20-year-old's character, Michelle.

In fact, she's barely in the trailer. She pops up in the clip for a few seconds, appearing unrecognizable due to her disheveled appearance and deep voice.
Photo: Courtesy of Youtube/Marvel.
There have been reports all year predicting that Zendaya would portray the red-headed love interest of Peter Parker (Tom Holland). But, based on this first trailer, Zendaya is instead playing another high schooler named Michelle, and Peter's interested in a girl named Liz (Laura Harrier).

From the brief exchange we see between Michelle and Peter, it seems like Zendaya's character is a social outcast (she's sitting alone and eavesdropping on a conversation). But based on her comment ("You guys are losers") and the pile of books in front of her, she's going to give us a whip-smart, take-no-shit character either way.
I guess we should have just listened to Zendaya when she literally told Entertainment Tonight that she wasn't playing Mary Jane. But...we had hope. Check out the trailer, below.