Shamelessly Judging The New Bachelor Contestants' Pop Culture Tastes

As someone who writes about entertainment for a living, I have no qualms judging the shit out of a prospective boyfriend based on his preferred movies, shows, books, bands, podcasts, etc. (Me on the second date: "Are you SURE your favorite TV show is The Big Bang Theory? Are you just a little drunk, maybe? You seemed so cool!") So I see no reason not to do enable fans of The Bachelor to do the same with the just-announced season 21 cast.

The Bachelor producers asked Nick Viall's 30 potential future fiancées about their pop culture picks. Given that we don't know too much else about them — save their collective fondness for dolphins — it only seems appropriate to draw some conclusions from their answers. So I tallied up the ladies' answers to questions about their favorite movies and fictional characters. (Books? Not so much — votes on favorite author were split down the middle: one vote for Steve Harvey's Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man and one for Dr. Seuss.)

So without further ado, here are some generalizations about the new batch of Bachelor contestants' tastes in pop culture. Judge away!