The New Line Of Bachelor-Inspired Wines Is Perfect For Your Season 21 Premiere Party

Bachelor fans are a dedicated bunch, which makes sense because you have to be pretty committed to sit still for two hours every week. I get it: That show can really draw you in. Members of Bachelor Nation have surely by now begun to count down the days until the season 21 premiere, with bachelor Nick Viall. That means premiere party-planning has also begun. If you're involved in that process right now but are at a loss for what to serve your guests at the upcoming event, there's a new line of wines that are here to save the day.

A seasoned Bachelor viewer knows how important it is to have a glass of wine to get you through the drama of the show each week, and if the wine is Bachelor-themed, all the better. Howard Jackowitz, cofounder of Wines That Rock, said in a recent press release, "We are thrilled to bring fans of The Bachelor a suite of wines that are the perfect complement to watching the series. The goal was to capture the excitement and spontaneity of the show, and the incredible passion the viewers have for The Bachelor."

The Bachelor
Wines come in three varietals, with clever Bachelor-inspired names: The Fantasy Suite, One on One, and The Final Rosé. The wines in the collection were blended by the award-winning winemakers Linda Trotta and Aaron Bader from California's premium Central Coast and Central Valley.

Are you ready to down a bottle or two at your premiere party or while you binge old episodes featuring Viall in preparation for the new season? Head over to The Bachelor Wines website to purchase a bottle for $15.95. Now, you just have to come up with a themed menu for the premiere party. Season 4 Bachelor contestant Meredith Phillips did write a cookbook. Just saying.
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Photo: Courtesy of Bachelor Wines.
The Fantasy Suite
"A Cabernet Sauvignon which features a beautiful, deep ruby red color with aromas of black cherry, blueberry, and dark plum; hints of savory, dried herbs hit the soft, round palate, which is complemented by spicy notes."
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Photo: Courtesy of Bachelor Wines.
The Final Rosé
"A Zinfandel and Petite Sirah blend; the soft blush pink color of The Final Rosé is accompanied by strawberries, red cherries, and rose petals that provide flavors of strawberry jam and a hint of spice; juicy acidity and exceptional balance carry through to a crisp, dry finish."
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Photo: Courtesy of Bachelor Wines.
One on One
"A Chardonnay, also known as sunshine in a bottle due to its lifted aromas of golden delicious apples, pineapple, stone fruits, and hints of spice filling the nose; on the palate, ripe apple flavors are commingled with notes of lemon, pear and a hint of cream."
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