THIS Is How To Win Holiday-Party Makeup — With No Glitter Required

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There's something to be said for rolling out of bed, brushing on a matte, red lipstick instead of brushing your hair, and heading out the door. It takes confidence — and it's a move that's sure to make you look like the coolest person in the room.

Ditto for knowing how to wear classic holiday makeup without looking like a clone of everyone else in the room. (Unless, of course, your office party's theme is The Stepford Wives, in which case your company sounds odd, and you don't need this story.) Luckily, it takes only a little effort to look unique. And the top celebrity makeup artists have figured it out.

The pros have painted on hundreds, if not thousands, of classic, holiday-ready lips throughout their careers, and they're sharing their tricks with us. Ahead, you'll find 11 simple, but impactful, tweaks to make to your makeup. If you try them out before the shindig and limit yourself to two (fine, maybe three) cocktails once there, we guarantee you'll be the real winner the next day.
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The Trick: Spice up classic red lipstick with colorful eyeliner.

Imagine that Jamie Chung were wearing plain black liner here. Sure, it would be sophisticated and nice, but the small move of swapping in colorful liner makes all the difference between expected and interesting.

The secret is this: Keep the rest of your face clean and fresh — nothing super-matte or dewy and no heavy contour or glittery highlighter — then make sure your blush flatters your lip color. This will keep everything polished. Then, just limit your colorful liner to the waterline for foolproof cool.
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The Trick: Pair '80s-inspired blush with glossy lips.

Fact: Dramatic, '80s blush is shockingly sexy — but it does need to be done right. Let Priyanka Chopra guide you: Pair matte, rust-colored blush with a lip color in the same color family, but keep that
formula glossy. Then, slowly layer your blush up to the temples, or until it feels cool and unexpected.

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The Trick: Pair goth lips with fluttery lashes.

This one is all about the juxtaposition between the deep, Bordeaux lip color and the soft, fluttery lashes. The texture of your lip color is up to you; just make sure you prep your lips with concealer to create a dramatic line that stays in place. (Liner is also your friend in this instance.)

A wash of shimmery shadow — champagne or caramel or brown, depending on your skin tone — will frame the lashes. Feel free to go wild with individuals, or use a high-quality strip with a clear band. (This tool will help.)
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The Trick: Match your lips and cheeks — then keep the rest simple.

Westworld's Thandie Newton is giving us J.Crew-catalogue vibes here — and we love it. The best part of this playful and romantic look is that it's cheery and festive, without being stuffy or traditional.

This could be the easiest trick on this list: Pat a little lip color onto your cheeks and buff with a damp sponge, concentrating the color on the apples. Build slowly for foolproof coordination and a soft, dewy finish.
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The Trick: Highlighter and eye contour are red lipstick's best friends.

Hailey Baldwin proves that no-makeup makeup is one of the best complements for rich red lips. (Notice her entire face is a wash of taupe and champagne shimmer.) Create subtle shadows under your cheekbones and in the crease of your eyes using contour powder, then tap highlighter on the high points of your cheeks, the bridge of your nose, across the browbone, in the inner corners of your eyes, and on your Cupid's bow.
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The Trick: Keep the waterline bright.

As long as you keep your skin fresh and your waterline bright, dark, sultry, goth-inspired makeup will maintain its cool factor — and not look better suited for October 31.

Pick up a white liner — this formula is under $2 — and draw along the top and bottom waterlines after creating a vampy eye. Then opt for a glossy lip finish, like Shay Mitchell did here, but be prepared for touch-ups throughout the evening.
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The Trick: Bright lip color looks alive with dewy skin.

Lupita Nyong'o's coral-meets-red lip color mimics the texture of her skin — everything has a healthy radiance that's dewy without being shimmery — and delivers a pop of undiluted color. Her blush also matches her cheeks. Pulling off a similar look relies heavily on two things: finding an orange-y lip color you feel like a million dollars wearing, and keeping your skin glowy with the right hydrating foundation.

Then keep the sheen going anywhere where skin is showing, like your chest, shoulders, and upper back. (We like a faint shimmer, like this stuff, for the body.)
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The Trick: Frosty, pink liner makes pink-based reds look cool.

Red lipstick need not be paired with champagne or caramel shades on the eyes — pink is just as subtle. This two-toned eye is cool and makes any eye color stand out. Line your waterline with a white or pale-pink hue, then apply a shimmery pink to the top lid. Make sure you select a pink-based red lipstick, too. (We like this universally flattering formula.)
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Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic.
The Trick: Shimmer balances shine — really!

Notice how Lucy Hale's makeup is all the same texture? Keeping everything in the radiant family ties the look together. Opt for dewy foundation, shimmery shadow, and lip color with a slight sheen.
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Photo: Lester Cohen/WireImage.
The Trick: Pair burgundy with earthy, rich neutrals.

Rihanna is a '90s dream in this matte, monochromatic look. While it will take a little effort, and plenty of products, it's easy enough to pull off.

Keep your skin matte and lightly contoured, then opt for lip and eye hues that are earthy. Think: a palette and lip color with the words "mulberry" and "mulled wine" in the descriptions. Build the smoky eye into a classic shape, then make sure you maintain a sharp lip line with the help of a little concealer or a stay-all-day liquid formula.
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The Trick: Smoky eyes feel modern with glossy red lips.

Glossy lips make a sultry smoky eye look instantly luxe — no matter your skill level. Cara Delevingne proves that selecting only one standout feature per look (lips or eyes, but never both, oh my!) is a totally bogus rule.

You can, however, keep the look soft by keeping your waterline clean, skin radiant, and lips glossy. The effect is fresh and flattering.
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