29 Recipes That Have "Winter" Written All Over Them

Thanksgiving tends to get all of the attention when it comes to food holidays. We get it: casserole-inspired side dishes are everything. And don't even get us started on stuffing.

But fall isn't the only time of year that boasts comfort food-worthy seasonal offerings and all the recipes that come with them. In fact, winter is basically its own extended food holiday. Pretty much anything is game as long as it means we can stay inside and chow down on something delicious.
Plus the cold-weather months are when citrus fruits, like oranges and grapefruit, are at their ripest, which makes for plenty of options. Not to mention some produce, like pumpkins, pineapple, and winter squash, are in season during both fall and winter. So if you didn't quite satisfy your pumpkin cravings in November, there's still time.

Click through to see some of the most comforting, winter recipes we could find.

Kayla Isaacs contributed reporting.