The Best Of Saturday Night Live With Emma Stone

Photo: Rosalind O'Connor/NBC.
Saturday Night Live returned from its Thanksgiving break with none other than America's sweetheart, Emma Stone, and teen dream Shawn Mendes.

Overall, the episode was fairly strong. The best sketches of the night didn't hinge on one person or theme, but touched on a little bit of everything happening in pop culture. The real breakout moments were Jennifer Aniston's cameo, Emma Stone's "Christmas Candle" song, and Alec Baldwin's Twitter-obsessed Trump.

Perhaps the most noteworthy moment from last night's episode didn't happen on-air, but rather on Twitter, when President-elect Trump responded to the show's sketch in real time. He tweeted, "Just tried watching Saturday Night Live — unwatchable! Totally biased, not funny and the Baldwin impersonation just can't get any worse. Sad."

We thought it was pretty damn funny — but, please, click ahead and decide for yourself.
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"The Christmas Candle"
Thank you, SNL, for making an entire parody song about the magic of finding a candle for that one person you don't want to shop for. Thank you for the early '90s hair and makeup. Thank you for the sweater-vests. Thank you for the Wilson Phillips-style video. Just...thank you.
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Rachel From Friends Meets Rachel IRL
Did anyone expect Jennifer Aniston to pop out and surprise the SNL audience? Hell no, but we're so glad she did. There are few things as funny as Vanessa Bayer and Jennifer Aniston trying to out Rachel each other.
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Trump Can't Stop Tweeting
The SNL cold open didn't feature Emma Stone, but it featured something better: Alec Baldwin mocking Donald Trump's obsession with tweeting random people he doesn't know. The best part was when a skeleton in black pretending to be Steve Bannon. Now, it's the fact that Trump responded to the skit...on Twitter.
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The Hunt For Hil
This skit is absurd, but you can't help but laugh, given the numerous Hillary Clinton "sightings" on Facebook in recent weeks. And let's face it, what's funnier than Clinton's call being that awkward Kate McKinnon laugh?
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Wells For Boys
The funniest part is actually when they suggest the other toys, like the broken mirror for him to "examine the complex contradictions of their being."
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High School Theatre Show
What's more ridiculous: Emma Stone's wig, the cast of SNL pretending to be teenagers, or their horrible show? It's a pretty close call.