This K-Pop Star's Fashion Line Has Finally Landed Stateside

Photo: Michael Stewart/Getty Images.
For us, pining for cool overseas brands that we can't actually buy (without a plane ticket, at least) is an all-too-regular occurrence. Luckily, one of the lines we've lusted after from afar has made it stateside. Two years after launching, K-pop star Jessica Jung's label, Blanc & Eclare, has finally arrived in the U.S. with a brand-new flagship store in New York's Soho neighborhood.

Jung, Blanc & Eclare's creative director, is perhaps best known as a former member of internationally beloved K-pop band, Girls' Generation (also known as SNSD). Since splitting from the group in 2014, Jung has had a whirlwind couple of years branching out on her own. In addition to starting a fashion line, she has released a solo album, and her second album is already in the works. Boasting over 5 million followers on Instagram, Jung has made waves with her personal style in addition to her musical endeavors.

Blanc & Eclare, which began as an eyewear and denim collection, introduced a ready-to-wear line earlier this year. Taking a page from Jung's personal style, the collection is a mix of classic staples and trendier silhouettes.

We got an early look at Blanc & Eclare's new flagship in Soho. Watch the video, below, to see Jung talk about the her favorite winter trends, new music, and more. Then, click ahead for some clutch picks.
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Go back to moto-jacket basics in this buttery, oversized version.

Blanc & Eclare Sidley, $843, available at Blanc & Eclare.
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And just when you thought you owned enough kick-flares...

Blanc & Eclare Chesterman, $160, available at Blanc & Eclare.
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We're going to need these aptly named sunnies, stat.

Blanc & Eclare New York, $260, available at Blanc & Eclare.
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The ideal clean-lined camel coat for winter.

Blanc & Eclare Chamonix, $615, available at Blanc & Eclare.
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Is your denim collection even complete without a button-down skirt?

Blanc & Eclare Tekek, $120 available at Blanc & Eclare.
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We'd wear these sunglasses at night.

Blanc & Eclare Bangkok, $265, available at Blanc & Eclare.
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One of our favorite trends to come back this season? Ruffled cuffs and collars.

Blanc & Eclare Argus, $156, available at Blanc & Eclare.
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Here's the pastel matching set your closet has been sorely lacking.

Blanc & Eclare Fitz, $268, available at Blanc & Eclare; Blanc & Eclare Roy, $164, available at Blanc & Eclare.
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How many days until spring? We're definitely putting these on our wish list.

Blanc & Eclare Paris, $260, available at Blanc & Eclare.
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Now, this is a seriously cozy sweater that we won't be taking off anytime soon.

Blanc & Eclare
Nagano, $261, available at Blanc & Eclare.