29 Affordable Food Gifts — For When You're All Out Of Ideas

Being an adult during the holidays can get complicated. The days of playing carefree giftee, dressed in snuggly footie pajamas with painstakingly penciled wish lists, are gone (RIP my L.L. Bean flannels and sparkly Lisa Frank note pad). And instead, we are left budgeting, ideating, and buying everyone we know a "thoughtful" present — or a weak one because we couldn't think of anything better. In short, the giftee becomes the gifter, and our lists only get longer.

But before you throw the towel in on spreading the cheer this season, we've compiled a helpful (i.e. affordable and easy) list of gifts. And what is the most affordable and easy gift category of all, you might ask? Food. Because everybody's got to eat — especially during the holidays.

So simplify your life and give your crazy aunt a set of stackable glass-sized containers of pinot grigio. Or your work wife, who loves smoothies, a subscription for a week's worth. Have a friend who hates everything? No problem, a Seamless holiday gift card will cover that.

Scroll on through to take the tiresome thought out of thoughtful — and that just leaves ful(l).

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Gift to that person in your life who prefers to sip cold brew year round.

Grady's DIY Cold Brew Kits, $15.25, available at Mouth.
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These legendary cookies are pricey, but also guaranteed to charm any recipient (ahem, your boss).

Levain Bakery Assortment - Gift Box of 4 Cookies, $27, available at Levain Bakery.
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Have a friend who is classy but also lives for Chipotle? This lovely salt potion will do the gifting trick (Note: actual Chipotle gift card optional).

The Chili Lab Chipotle Chili Salt, $14, available at Dean & Deluca.
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Now your everything-bagel-loving friends can play an active role in their weekend go-to.

Farm Steady Everything Bagel & Cream Cheese Kit, $24.95, available at William Sonoma.
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Rosé and Champagne gummy bears are sweet and sophisticated.

Sugarfina Cheers Bento Box, $28 for 3-pack, available at Sugarfina.
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Gift this jar to the hot-honey lovers in your life.

Dori Midnight Hot Sex Honey, $38, available at Kindred Black.
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This one goes out to all the grigio girls around the world.

Electric Sky Pinot Gringio, $12.99, available at Liquorama.
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The gift that keeps on giving — just make sure you're around to reap the benefits of that latenight pizza order.

Seamless/Grubhub Holiday Gift Card, $10-$1,000, available at Grubhub.
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For when you've exhausted every other doughnut-themed gift — or any time doughnuts and coffee in the form of a chocolate bar sounds like a good idea (all times?).

Compartés Donuts & Coffee Milk Chocolate Bar, $9.95, available at Compartés.
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Why give a tea-lover just one tea, when you can gift an entire advent calendar of them?

David's Tea 24 Days of Tea, $40, available at David's Tea.
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Sometimes a sleeve of macarons is all you need to show someone how much you care.

'Lette Macaron Gift Box, $23 for 12, available at 'Lette.
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Have someone in your life who won't stop talking about how much they love smoothies and juices? Yeah, this gift will show that you get them.

Daily Harvest Smoothie Subscription, $7.99 per smoothie, available at Daily Harvest.
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Who needs normal whiskey when chocolate whiskey is an option?

King's County Distillery Chocolate-Flavored Whiskey, $28, available at Mouth.
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A great gift for those looking to get in touch with their inner cheesemonger.

Urban Cheesecraft Mozzarella & Ricotta DIY Cheese-Kit, $25, available at Etsy.
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Yes, we've been told that summer has ended — but that doesn't mean your rosé-all-day crew has to switch to a lesser beverage!

Wolffer Estate Finca Wolffer Rosé, $13.99, available at Wine Library.
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Safe-to-eat-raw cookie dough can be purchased online and shipped to your front door. (This one's for you. Self care, people!)

Edoughble Ho Ho Dough Gift Box, $27 for 3-pack, available at Edoughble Cookie Dough.
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This single-serve iced coffee brewing contraption is sheer genius — and will delight the caffeine-obsessed.

Coolgear BRU, $39.99, available at Coolgear Inc..
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These Wild Ophelia chocolate bars come in an assortment of delightfully wacky flavors to satisfy the most daring of sweet eaters.

Wild Ophelia Mix & Match Bars, $14, available at Vosges.
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Similar to a first aid kit, you never know when you might be in dire need of emergency s'mores supplies.

Whimsy & Spice S'mores Kit, $18, available at Whimsy & Spice.
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Sure, you could gift the tired travel-sized pack of cologne this year — but wouldn't you rather it be a trio of pure maple syrup?

Bobo's Mountain Sugar Trio of Half Pints, $28, available at Bobo's Mountain Sugar.
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Nothing is sweeter than a tin filled to the brim with sugary substances.

Dean & Deluca The Sweet Life, $38, available at Dean & Deluca.
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This gift is thoughtful, humorous, and also an ironically ideal additional to cocktails.

Dram "Hair of the Dog" Hangover Tonic — Cocktail Bitters, $18, available at Dram Apothecary.
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Tie a ribbon around the stick and stuff it in a stocking.

Black Pig Meat Co. Bacon Toffee Pig Pop, $5.75 per pop, available at Mouth.
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Popcorn is a lifestyle — and this spicy kit will change the snacking game.

Dell Cove Spices Spicy Popcorn Kit, $35, available at Etsy.
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These marshmallow cookie sandwiches will serve as shippable and giftable stand-ins to their favorite ice cream sandwiches.

Malvi Marshmallow Cookies, $5, available at Mouth.
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Can't settle on one chocolate bar in particular? No worries — Chococurb offers a monthly bites subscription.

Chococurb Nano, $10 monthly subscription, available at Chococurb.
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New York City's Bread's Bakery is home to the best chocolate babka — anyone who receives a loaf of this stuff will be #blessed.

Bread's Bakery Chocolate Babka, $44.95 for 3-pack, available at Foody Direct.
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The art of cocktail making can seem like a daunting task — Owl's Brew makes it easy and delightful.

Owl's Brew Gift Set Trio, $24.99, available at Owl's Brew.
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These caramels are smooth, creamy, and wrapped in delightful little gifting satchels.

Big Picture Farm Goat Milk Caramels Gift Satchels, $25, available at Big Picture Farm.
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