32 Chrissy Teigen & John Legend Photos That Will Make You Believe In Love

Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic.
There is one universal truth that we can all agree on: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are relationship #goals.

They're everything we want in a celebrity couple. Hell, they're everything we want in any couple — famous or not. They are proof that true love exists in this cruel world. In short: They are living their best lives. And, thanks to Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, we've been blessed with brief glimpses into those lives. We've seen Teigen and Legend celebrate each other's successes, enjoy time with their extended families, travel the world, and eat so much cheese.

But what makes them so fun to watch isn't the stuff that makes them famous. It's everything that makes Chrissy Teigen and John Legend relatable.

So we rounded up 32 pictures that prove that Teigen and Legend are probably the best couple ever. Probably better than Jay and Bey, and Kimye too. Yes, really. Look, we said what we said. Click through for proof — we bet you can't make it through without swooning.
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Photo: Rob Latour/REX/Shutterstock.
Don't we all want someone who will adjust our gown on the red carpet? Yes, yes we do.
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Photo: Via @chrissyteigen.
Who looks this cute on vacation? Chrissy and John, that's who.
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Photo: Via @johnlegend.
The love is so real that she can't take her eyes off of him.
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Photo: Via @chrissyteigen.
When bae brings your perfect daughter to visit you at work and you all slay in the picture because you're the Legends.
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Photo: Via @chrissyteigen.
True love is being able to make fun of each other.
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Photo: Via @chrissyteigen.
Oh, just your typical double date with Kimye. No big deal. Totally casual.
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Photo: Via @chrissyteigen.
Does your bae whisk you off on mystery dates in a plane? No?
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Photo: Courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings.
You know you are the embodiment of relationship #goals when you're on the cover of Martha Stewart Weddings.
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Photo: Via @chrissyteigen.
There are no words for this. It's just perfect.
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Photo: Via @chrissyteigen.
John Legend is just busy eating cornbread that was made with love.
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Photo: Via @johnlegend.
When your boo is BFFs with your mom and brings her out on dates because he's the best.
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Photo: Via @chrissyteigen.
When you celebrate each other's accomplishments because you love each other so much.
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Photo: Via @chrissyteigen.
Remember that time Luna was born? And they took the cutest photo? And their family was that much more loveable?
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Photo: Via @chrissyteigen.
Get you a girl who will eat four pizzas with you and still look fly.
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Photo: Via @chrissyteigen.
Get you a man who looks like this when he's wandering around the house.
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Photo: Courtesy of Dujour.
When you're such a beautiful couple, they put you on magazine covers.
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Photo: Via @chrissyteigen.
If the love doesn't come with late-night candy-chemistry-set play dates, then I don't want it.
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Photo: Via @johnlegend.
Just a normal family outing with Stevie Wonder. Typical day. Luna is completely unfazed.
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Photo: Via @chrissyteigen.
The couple that feeds each other stays together.
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Photo: Via @johnlegend.
When the whole family supports everything you do.
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Photo: Via @chrissyteigen.
When bae loves you now and back when you wore those glasses.
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Photo: Via @chrissyteigen.
Relationship goal #55: eating Shake Shack together at home.
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Photo: Via @chrissyteigen.
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Photo: Via @chrissyteigen.
How are you both this attractive? How is it allowed? We're not complaining; we're just in awe.
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Photo: Via @chrissyteigen.
When you can just lie on the couch together and play Sonic 2 and sleep without judgement, the love is real.
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Photo: Via @chrissyteigen.
Their dogs just add to the cute factor.
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Photo: Via @chrissyteigen.
Are you swooning yet? How cute is this?
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Photo: Via @chrissyteigen.
Get you a spouse who buys you an entire wheel of cheese!
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Photo: Via @chrissyteigen.
If this isn't what your fantasy of life at home looks like, you're probably doing it wrong.
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Photo: Via @chrissyteigen.
When he stares at Luna with so much love! Doesn't it just make your heart swell?
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Photo: Via @chrissyteigen.
And the award for cutest family at a Dodgers game goes to...
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Photo: Via @johnlegend.
Yes, Legend took this photo of his family. Yes, it's perfect. No, I'm not crying — you're crying!
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