How Celebs Celebrated Thanksgiving

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The supermarkets are disaster zones, Black Friday is living up to its name, the Macy's parade balloons are stored away, and some of you have not moved from the couch in half a day, Thanksgiving Day has come and gone. If you believe their social media posts this week, things aren't that much different for many celebrities.

Okay, well, they may be jetting home from far-off lands in first class, but they are also doing so on the busiest travel week of the year. Some of them took time off fabulous movie shoots in order to get that cranberry sauce just right. Or they prepped a dish to bring to Martha Stewart's house instead of their aunt's in the suburbs. Still, this is one of those holidays that can bring the rich and famous down to our level — if they're also intent on honoring the whole "thanks" part of the day.

So join us all weekend as we check in to see how Chrissy Teigen is smoking her turkey. Enjoy the juxtaposition of Chelsea Handler reminding us of the importance of booze and Chelsea Clinton teaching her children about gratitude. While this year's Thanksgiving has many people tied up in anxious knots, these celebs' excitement might just be contagious enough to put us in the right frame of mind.
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Photo: @msjwilly
Funny girl Jessica Williams' Thanksgiving Instagram story was all casseroles and Capri Sun. Approve.
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Photo: @reesewitherspoon.
"Fire up the ovens, y’all! It's turkey time!!!," Reese Witherspoon wrote, probably with a Southern accent.
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Photo: @marthahunt.
Thanksgiving squad goals (or cuddles) from Martha Hunt and Taylor Swift.
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Photo: @mariahcarey.
No one knows pie like Mariah Carey knows pie.
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If Mimi says pineapple is a Thanksgiving food, who are we to argue?
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Photo: @jennaldewan.
Now that's a Thanksgiving family portrait, courtesy of Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum.
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Photo: @meghanmarkle.
"Oh, that time I roasted a pretty perfect Thanksgiving turkey! The question is, can I do it again?," wonders Meghan Markle.
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Photo: @zendaya.
"When you know you bout to get some bomb ass food as soon as you land," says jetsetter Zendaya.
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Photo: @gwenstefani.
Three is the magic number this Thanksgiving for Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton.
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Photo: @namoiwatts.
Naomi Watts, who is a proponent of knowing her limits, sends her thanks to this Thanksgiving professional.
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Photo: @benandlaurentv.
The Bachelor's most recent couple says, "#HappyThanksgiving from the cutest turkeys in town!"
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Photo: @haileybaldwin.
"Braids n babies," Hailey Baldwin says, summing up her Thanksgiving.
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Photo: @milliebobby_brown.
"Ready to feast," Millie Bobby Brown said, followed by #elishangry.
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Photo: @ashleytisadle.
"Happy Thanksgiving lovers! I'm so thankful for all of you ❤️ I thought this was fitting since we're celebrating at the beach," Ashley Tisdale wrote in the sand.
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Photo: @mandymooremm.
"It's not a holiday without these gems," says Mandy Moore.
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Photo: @gabunion.
"When friends become family..." Gabrielle Union writes.
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Photo: @emmaroberts.
Once a Chanel, always a Chanel — even on Thanksgiving, right Emma Roberts?
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Photo: @lenadunham.
"Getting ready for Thanks G with some wrapping paper scraps, old ribbon and the help of a 12 year old Gratitude elf and letters sketched by @clownache," Lena Dunham wrote. "We were pretty proud when we finished this, and tomorrow at @jennikonner's house everyone will be able to hang their own message of gratitude from the banner. Never been much for festive gestures, but if there were ever a year...tomorrow, glitter on gourds!"
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Photo: @anselelgort.
"Happy thanksgiving!!!!!," Ansel Elgort writes with enthusiasm.
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Photo: @audrinapatridge.
"Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I always love getting together with my family. Spending time with my grandma and new niece baby Lux," says Audrina Patridge.
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Photo: @katieholmes212.
Katie Holmes knows Thanksgiving happens at wine o'clock.
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Photo: @haylieduff.
Haylie Duff shares why she and the Duff family are giving thanks.
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Photo: @mirandakerr.
Miranda Kerr gives us a look into her Thanksgiving kitchen.
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Photo: @gwynethpaltrow.
"Here is to reunions, togetherness, family, and love love love. Happy Thanksgiving eve, everyone," Gwyneth Paltrow wrote, signing it with love.
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Photo: @itsashbenzo.
"Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!," Ashley Benson says from France.
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Photo: @evalongoria.
"Who else will be dressing down for Thanksgiving?" Eva Longoria wants to know.
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Photo: @sofiavergara.
Sofia Vergara and her hubby, Joe Manganiello, really know how to turkey around.
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Photo: @salmahayek.
Salma Hayek wrote, "Thank you for becoming part of my #instagram family."
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Photo: via @snoopdogg.
Why weren't we invited?!
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Photo: via @ryanseacrest.
"#GeorgiaSeacrest is getting her pre-thanksgiving workouts in!" writes Ryan Seacrest.
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Photo: via @zachbraff/HBO.
"Brace yourselves, politics with your family at Thanksgiving is coming," wrote Zach Braff.
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Photo: Via @trishayearwood.
Trisha Yearwood keeps it sweet and simple.
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Photo: via @rwitherspoon.
Not surprisingly, Reese Witherspoon began her prep work early.
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Photo: via @lucyhale.
"Bye Australia you were so pretty! But it's time to see my pup and eat myself into oblivion for thanksgiving," wrote Lucy Hale.
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Photo: via @karliekloss.
"Bye LA. homeward bound," wrote Karlie Kloss.
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Photo: via @JoeBudden.
Raise your hand if you're anticipating the same.
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Photo: via @chrissyteigen.
Chrissy's fave is apparently this scalloped potato dish.
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Photo: via @chrissyteigen.
This is genius.
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Photo: via @chrissyteigen.
A smoked turkey couldn't possibly suck.
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Photo: via @thechainsmokers.
Positive thinking, courtesy of the Chainsmokers.
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Photo: via @kellyosbourne.
Kelly and Sharon Osbourne have skipped Thanksgiving and gone straight to Christmas, it seems.
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Photo: via @chelseahandler.
If all else fails, there's Chelsea Handler's solution. (Note: We have no idea if she is actually talking about Thanksgiving here.)
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Photo: via @ChelseaClinton.
If the Clintons can focus on gratitude this weekend, so can we.
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"Hope you have a different kind of cornucopia this #Thanksgiving," Elizabeth Banks joked with this pic from the Hunger Games set.
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Photo: @iamjhud
Jennifer Hudson is an extra-polite Thanksgiving hostess. "I didn't want no hair to get in the food, so I put it up!" she posted about her hair's mini-makeover.
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Along with Thanksgiving snaps and Instagram stories, Kate Hudson shared this adorable mother-daughter pic. Her simple, but perfect, caption? "Grateful."
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This is Kylie Jenner's "Happy Thanksgiving" face.
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"Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s a photo of some of the things I’m most thankful for," Ellen DeGeneres wrote, Insta-melting our hearts.
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"Happy tday! Thanks Deb and Tim and I want to say...Ben??? Is it Ben?" Amy Schumer joked, per usual, pretending to forget her boyfriend's name.
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Photo: @oprah
This Thanksgiving, Oprah was living her best life and sending holiday blessings from South Africa.
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"Sitting here wanting to let you know how grateful I am for YOU," Alicia Keys captioned a heartfelt Thanksgiving message to fans.
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Chelsea Handler opted for a Friendsgiving abroad. "This is my bestie in London," Handler wrote. "She makes my life so much better and always picks me up when I've fallen. I lub you, Sophie."
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Photo: @directher
Ava DuVernay spread the Thanksgiving love with an Instagram story celebrating her grandmother and her holiday cooking.
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Photo: @katyperry
In Katy Perry's Thanksgiving Instagram Story, she goofs off with her family while wearing some comfy, coordinating pajamas. We're loving the Perry family style.