Every Kardashian-Themed Holiday Gift You Can Give This Season

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We all know at least one. That person in our lives who could spout off any random piece of Kardashian trivia. Or who unabashedly defends Kim and her selfies. Or is always tagging you in their Instagrams with a handful of excited emojis.

So for the holidays, we've rounded up 30 gift ideas for the Kardashian lover in your life. We've got keychains, we've got T-shirts, we've got beauty products. And, of course, lashes, Lumees, and lip kits. One thing we can give the Kardashian clan credit for: Just about everything in their empire is pretty affordable.

Happy shopping!
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Official Kylie Jenner 2017 Calendar; $22, available at The Kylie Jenner Shop.

If there's someone in your life who needs a monthly reminder of their love for Kylie.
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Letter Stud Earrings, $49; available on Etsy

Whether you want to give it to your significant other to shout you out via initials (like Kim did Kanye!) or you just want to give it to someone who loves their initials, these studs will make a statement.
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Strong Looks Better Naked by Khloe Kardashian; $18, available at Amazon

For the reader who has Koko-like fitness goals.
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Lumee phone case; $39.95, available at Lumee

Light up someone's life — and their selfies — with Kim Kardashian's back-lit phone case.
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Kylie Jenner keychain; $7, available at Etsy

For all the keys, keys, keys, keys.
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Sopa de Gouche Kendall T-shirt; $20, available at Sopa De Gouche

A hot way for Kendall fans to rep their favorite Jenner.
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ApiNourish Rejuvenating face mask, $37.98. available at manukadoctor.com

Know someone who wants the secret to Kourtney's youthful skin? She swears by this face mask.
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Arthur George "Bad Ass" socks, $15, available at Arthur George

This holiday season, everyone can keep their toes warm, thanks to Rob Kardashian.
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"What Would Lord Disick Do? T-Shirt; $33.43, available at RedBubble

A motto to live by, a T-shirt to live in.
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In The Kitchen With Kris cookbook; $13.99, available at Amazon.

Is there anything that will make you feel like a Kardashian family member more than kooking (er, cooking) with Kris?
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Lashed by Blac Chyna false lashes; $12.99, available at Lashed

Who better to help you feel like a Kardashian than the next Kardashian-to-be, Angela herself?
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"You're The North To My Penelope" cup; $10, available at Etsy

Could there be any gift more perfect — or adorable — for your Kardashian-loving BFF?
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Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 12; $29.99, available at Amazon

Give the gift of the latest season of the show, which spans everything from the return of Rob to a family trip to Cuba.
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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West portrait; $9.60, available at Etsy.

For the most diehard — and ironic — Kimye supporter in your life.
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Good American Jeans in "Katie"; $149, available at Good American

If you need a gift for someone who wants to look as good in jeans as Khloe K.
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Photo: Courtesy of Dash.
Dash cosmetic bag, $22, available at Dash

For the Kardashian obsessee and beauty addict who needs to keep her products — like, say, a Kylie Lip Kit — close.
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Photo: Courtesy of kylielipkit.com.
Kylie Lip Kit; $29, available kyliecosmetics.com

Any beauty product lover will appreciate this one, but especially a Jenner fan. Warning: You'll have to pay attention to her Snapchat to see when they go on sale again.
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Rebels: City Of Indra by Kendall and Kylie Jenner; $12.29, available at Amazon.

The Jenner girls wrote a dystopian young adult novel. Clearly this is a must-read for any Kardashian fan.
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KIMOJI wrapping paper; $35, available at kimkardashianwest.com

Be the butt of the joke this holiday season. (Sorry, couldn't resist that one.)
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Kim Kardashian prayer candle; $9.99, available at Etsy

If you have a loved one who bows down to Kim K — literally — this will be the gift that keeps on giving.
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Kardashian Beauty 3-in-1 ceramic flat iron; $89.99, available at Ulta

For hair like a Kardashian/Jenner. Jen Atkin sold separately.
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Kendall + Kylie "Finley" Chelsea boot, $189.95, available at Nordstrom

These boots were made for walking — like a Jenner.
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Kim Kardashian fragrance; $21.49, available at Target

For the person who doesn't want to settle for just looking like a Kardashian, but wants to smell like one, too.
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Kimoji phone case; $35, available at kimkardashianwest.com

Oh, you thought you could only get Kim's butt on wrapping paper? Nope, you can get that — plus dozens of other Kimojis — on a phone case, too.
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iTunes gift card for Kimoji app; $1.99 for Kimoji App, available at iTunes

For the person who's been dying to download Kimojis, but hasn't been able to justify shelling out that $2.
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"Selfish" by Kim Kardashian; $13.45, available at Amazon

For the person in need of some selfie inspiration (or who just really likes looking at Kim Kardashian).
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Kendall + Kylie bikini bottoms; $10, available at Topshop

The tops for these popular bathing suits are sold out, but you can still help someone go bottoms up, Jenner style.
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Angel waist trainer; $31.97 available at Amazon

Seeing as the crazy waist trainer trend was started by — who else? — the Kardashians, this only seems fitting. (Pun intended.)
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Photo: Courtesy of sugarbearhair.com.
Sugarbearhair vitamins; $29.99, available at Sugarbearhair

The Kardashian sisters have long sworn the secret to their enviable hair is these vitamins. Jury's still out on whether they actually work, of if they just taste like candy.
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Photo: Courtesy of fittea.com.
Fit Tea 14 Day Detox; $25, available at Fit Tea

They've also credited their flat bellies to these Fit Tea detoxes. Warning: A purchase of this tea does not include a personal Kardashian-level physical trainer.
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Kim Kardashian T-Shirt, $13.99, available at Etsy

This throwback glamour shot of Kim would make for a nice ode to the middle Kardashian sister.
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Photo: Courtesy of QVC.
Tunic from the Kris Jenner collection, $27.39, available at QVC

Know a mom — or just anyone — who idolizes momager Kris Jenner? This tunic from her QVC collection could be just the right fit.
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