29 Little Gifts With Big Oomph For Your Squad

These days, your squad is essentially a second family. Your trusted battalion that has been there for every Snapchat and late-night group text. And, of course, you want to give them holiday gifts worthy of their place in your life.
That being said, with all the hustle and bustle this time of year, it can be hard to find the perfect way to show your appreciation on a budget. After all, you've got a big shopping list and only so much of that end-of-the-year bonus to spend.

That's the best part about friends, though: They don't need extravagant gifts. For your closest pals, a 'lil something is all you need to give, a "thank you" for all those times they listened to you recount your dreams or looked at screenshots of your Tinder matches.
Ahead, find 29 tiny gifts that give huge thanks to your squad for sticking with you all year. And with prices starting as low as $2, you'll be able to get something for each and every pal.