This Is The One Jewelry Trend That's Here To Stay

Kids of the '90s, rejoice: The newfound popularity of the choker doesn't look like it's fading anytime soon. Still, we're far past the tattoo'ed versions of our youth (although if you're still rocking those, you do you). Instead, the chokers of today grab from a range of textures, from metallic and leather to satin; colors (though we, of course, prefer the neutrality of a solid black option); and decorations (a pendant or two never hurt). Sure, you can spend your time getting crafty and make your own necklace — or, you can turn to Pinterest for a solid dose of inspiration. The site pulled together its most popular chokers, illustrating that one trend can manifest itself in many ways. Six, to be exact.

Ahead, we broke down the styles, what makes them so striking, and how to cop the look. Click through to to find your next statement piece.
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The Basic Black Ribbon
The reigning champion of minimalist statement pieces, the basic black ribbon choker is one of the most omnipresent necklaces. Buy one (there are options available if you're looking to save or splurge), or create your own by wrapping a long, wide strand of silk ribbon around your neck like a scarf.
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Brandy Melville Silk Black Choker, $5, available at Brandy Melville.
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Forever 21 Satin Ribbon Choker, $5.90, available at Forever 21.
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Fallon Monarch Diamante Bandana choker, $165, available at Saks Fifth Avenue.
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ASOS Choker Neck Tie & Headscarf, $6, available at ASOS.
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The Layered Look
If you're still not quite ready to commit to the trend, try layering a choker with a dainty pendant necklace or another piece with a dangling accent.
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Lane Bryant Multi-layer Choker with Pendant, $24.95, available at Lane Bryant.
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Open House Cinch Choker, $193, available at Open House.
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Are You Am I Leda Choker, $79, available at Are You Am I.
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Chan Luu Diamond and Pearl Choker on White Leather, $245, available at Chan Luu.
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The Shoelace Necklace
This layered look is also easily DIY-ed; we suggest playing around with a variety of colors and accents to make the look feel different from a sea of black chokers.
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Zara 2-pack of Velvet Star Chokers, $22.90, available at Zara.
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Vetrone Chronicles Rose Velvet Double Tie Choker, $20, available at Vetrone Chronicles.
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Jiwinaia Razor Blade Ribbon Choker/Bracelet, $190, available at Nordstrom.
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Ottoline Velvet Choker, $48, available at BaubleBar.
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The Dreamy Moon
Go simple with a tiny astrological pendant. The original gold crescent choker that kicked the trend off is still available, too.
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Shashi Beaded Horn Choker Necklace, $75, available at Bloomingdale's.
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Aamaya By Priyanka Pop Velvet Rose Gold-plated and Crystal Choker, $395, available at Net-A-Porter.
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Luv AJ Leather Wrap Crescent Choker, $495, available at Luv AJ
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AEO Chain Choker + Moon Charm Necklace, $15.95, available at American Eagle Outfitters.
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All Metal, All The Time
For a modern take on the popular '90s tattoo choker trend, go badass with a sparkly, metallic option à la Naomi Campbell.
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Justine Clenquet Chloe Choker, $95, available at Opening Ceremony.
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Erin Considine Raw 14x2 Choker, $286.99, available at Need Supply.
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H&M Rhinestone Choker, $14.99, available at H&M.
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Missguided Diamante Choker Necklace Silver, $13.60, available at Missguided.
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The Pendant Choker
Draw attention to your neck with a jeweled option. It's part-elegant, part party-ready, and all sorts of epic.
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Vanessa Mooney The Maiden Moonstone Double Leather Choker, $22, available at Vanessa Mooney.
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Alix Opal Choker Necklace, $24, available at Urban Outfitters.
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Topshop Multi Mood Stone Choker Necklace, $18, available at Topshop.
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Luz Ortiz Adel Choker, $490, available at Luz Ortiz New York.