15 Fictional Chefs We Wish Could Pop Out Of The TV & Cook For Us

People say you get two great loves in life. At the ripe old age of 24, I believe I've already found both of mine and I've managed to maintain lasting, passionate affairs with both of them. My great loves? Food and TV.

For the most part, I enjoy my time with them separately, but on the rare occasions that they converge, sparks really fly. I'm not talking about doing a Netflix binge while simultaneously chowing down on a tureen of pasta or something equally delicious — though that does sound like a romantic way to spend an evening. I'm talking about those times when a top-notch fictional television show features plot lines that revolve around food and characters who have a passion for cooking.

Over the years, these characters have shaped my views on the culinary industry. They've cooked dishes that made me want to reach right into the television screen for a taste. They've made me laugh out loud, bawl my eyes out, and made my stomach growl. Ahead, I've compiled a list of fictional TV chefs who I'll never be able to quit.

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