The Inspiring Story Behind The Flower Crowns Taking Over Instagram

Photographed by Jens Ingvarsson.
Flower crowns, again? Yeah, we know. If a certain Snapchat filter and festival fatigue have you definitively over the trend, allow us to provide a palate-cleanser in the form of a traditional Ukrainian flower crown, called a vinok. Worn by brides and girls as a symbolism of purity since the pre-Christian era, these elaborate crowns not only carry major cultural significance, but their intricate designs put our best festival garb to shame.

As Vogue pointed out, more and more women of Ukrainian descent have begun wearing the crowns as a point of national pride since the country’s revolution in 2014. Indeed, the evidence is all over social media: handcrafting and wearing vinki is undergoing a big resurgence.

And the results couldn’t be more beautiful. Layers of brightly colored blooms are paired with wheat spikes for a more regal look. In other examples, traditionally patterned ribbons tumble down from the crown and across the shoulders of the wearer, mimicking long, flowing locks.

Check out some of the most stunning examples ahead, and get ready to fall in love with flower crowns all over again.

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Photo: Via chicatopia/Instagram.
Sunflowers, greenery, and autumn leaves come together for a perfect fall vinok.
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Photo: Via igbeautycove/Instagram.
Eight layers of tightly formed buds are stacked, helping the crown stand out against tons of beaded necklaces and traditional garb.
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Photo: Via makivka_style/Instagram.
Don’t let this streamlined design fool you: Many vinki can take a month or more to create.
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Photo: Via shykalova/Instagram.
This crown, made of giant orchid blooms, gives a modern spin to the traditional vinok.
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Photo: Via ukrainian_fashion1/Instagram.
Masterfully assembled red blooms and wheat spikes are on full display, accented with cascades of ribbon.
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Photo: Via makivka_style/Instagram.
We’re looking to copy this rich, but balanced color scheme everywhere — from home decor to our next beauty look.
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Photo: Via brooklyn.flower/Instagram.
The best case for twinning: vinki in full bloom.
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Photo: Via stringinghimalong/Instagram.
This delicate rendition offers the prettiest colors.
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Photo: Via makivka_style/Instagram.
A little bit Frida Kahlo, a little bit rock 'n' roll... We love this vinok for the modern age.
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Photo: Via third_roosters/Instagram.
These incredibly ornate versions show the love that goes into creating vinki.
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Photo: Via third_roosters/Instagram.
The perfect accessories to complement an all-white crown? Raven hair and bold brows.
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