Dirty Dancing Makeup Is Happening — & It Might Be The Palette Of A Lifetime

DIRTY DANCING BEAUTY PALETTE IDEAS! 2017. #nobodyputsbabyinacorner

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If you could steal one character’s beauty look from a classic movie, which one would it be? What’s that? Baby’s in Dirty Dancing, you say? We're in the same boat. Because Baby’s stuck-on-vacation-with-the-parents look is subtle, timeless, and, yes, pretty in an approachable way.

Well, guess what? We’re all in luck, because Boston-based indie brand Sola Look has just announced its plans for a Dirty Dancing eyeshadow palette. Though the palette isn’t scheduled for release until next year, the brand is accepting suggestions for color picks on Instagram. Among those being considered are peach and brown-based neutrals, plus a few bolder hues, like purple and aquamarine.

Suggestions for shade names are also pouring in. Instagram user @Hairbymigs said, “will there be a color called baby??? And will it be in the corner???? You gotta name one Time of your life and one She's Like the wind.” The brand confirmed that there will be a color called “Baby,” and it'll be taking center stage in the palette: “It will be more so in the middle. We're trying to get her out of that corner that she's been stuck in for the last 30 years.”

Though we'll have to wait until 2017 to get our hands on it, one thing is for sure: If it's anything like the brand’s recently released Flashdance palette, it'll be worth the wait.