How A Can Of Sparkling Water Is Going To Change One Artist's Life

Photo: Courtesy of Perrier.
Update: The mic has been dropped and the 2017 Perrier Artist of the Year has been announced. This sparkling new can (pictured left) was designed by winner Eric Rieger (a.k.a. HOTTEA) — who according to the brand's press release "is a Minneapolis-based street and installation artist, known for using brightly-colored yarn to create elaborate, eye-catching and non-destructive installations." You'll be able to pop open one of his Instagram-worthy designs later this year.
This article was originally published on November 4, 2016.
Sparkling water is currently hotter than kale and quinoa combined. And to make it even cooler, Perrier is planning to give its beverages an extra trend-worthy edge.

The brand just dropped some big news for its 2017 can. With the launch of ARTXTRA, the company's initiative to "support groundbreaking contemporary artists," all of us sparkling water fans will be invited to vote on the future packaging for our refreshment of choice. The best part? The three vibrant options to choose from are all original works of super cool art from kick-ass up-and-comers.
Photo: Courtesy of Perrier.
The winning beverage design will be given a limited-edition release in 2017, with the artist's official full-scale celebration taking place at next year's Miami Art Week. Meaning that we very well might be sipping bubbly water from a can designed by the next Andy Warhol. Who knows, this latest move might just tip the scale and make sparkling water the new avocado toast. Watch out, world, there's about to be a whole lot of Instagramming going on.