You Know You Want To Know: 15 Teen-Movie Stars & Where They Are Now

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Thanks in part to Halloween, the 1998 teen horror film The Faculty was on TV last week. And all I could think was, Well, what happened to that girl? I couldn't remember her name, but she used to be in everything.

Have you ever had that moment? You're watching a favorite movie and suddenly realize that you don't know what happened to the girl or guy who used to be in every teen movie from the '80s or '90s. Sure, there are the Alicia Silverstones, Gabrielle Unions, and Sarah Michelle Gellars of the world that we still follow in pop culture, but what about the rest? What about the actor that didn't grow up to be Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Elijah Wood? What about the favorite faces you never see anymore? We decided to investigate.

Ahead, 15 familiar faces from some of your favorite teen movies — and everything they've been up to since the last time you spotted them.
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Rachael Leigh Cook
You Remember Her From: She's All That, Josie & The Pussycats, The Baby-Sitters Club

Of course, you remember Rachel Leigh Cook as Laney Boggs in She's All That along with Freddie Prinze Jr. (who now writes cookbooks, BTW). She seemed so damn cool with that perfect short, layered haircut, didn't she? But also totally relatable. So where has she been since?
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So Where's Rachael Leigh Cook Now?

She's stepped back from acting a bit to spend time with her family. Cook is actually married to Daniel Gillies, best known as Elijah to fans of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. The couple has two children — one they welcomed just last year. And while she's not acting quite as much, she still keeps busy. Cook played Kate Moretti on TNT's Perception in 2015. She also has really fun Instagram and Twitter accounts.
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Larisa Oleynik
You Remember Her From: 10 Things I Hate About You, The Baby-Sitters Club

You may have known her as Alex Mack (on the Nickelodeon show The Secret World of Alex Mack), but Larisa Oleynik was also a teen-movie queen thanks to roles in the cult classics 10 Things I Hate About You and The Baby-Sitters Club.
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So Where's Larisa Oleynik Now?

The good news is that Oleynik hasn't stopped working. In fact, she's been super-busy. Oleynik had a recurring role on Pretty Little Liars as Maggie Cutler, Ezra's ex-girlfriend who believed he was the father of her child. She's also played Jenna Kaye, a CIA analyst hunting the man who killed her fiancé, on Hawaii Five-O; and Cynthia Baxter Cosgrove, Ken's wife, on Mad Men.
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Clea DuVall
You Remember Her From: The Faculty; She's All That; But I'm A Cheerleader; Girl, Interrupted

Clea DuVall was in so many teen movies in the '90s and 2000s. You may not have known her name, but she had the most recognizable face — and coolest beauty looks, too. After her role on the short-lived TV series Popular, DuVall seemed to disappear from the spotlight.
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So Where's Clea DuVall Now?

...Or did she? DuVall has been working nonstop. She played FBI Agent Audrey Hanson on Heroes. But more recently, she played Cora Lijek in the Ben Affleck Oscar-winner, Argo. She's also been on American Horror Story as Wendy Peyser, and Veep as Marjorie Palmiotti. Talk about an awesome résumé.
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Elisa Donovan
You Remember Her From: Clueless

Do you remember Amber from Clueless? Of course, you do. When she wasn't be called a "total Monet" by Cher, she was being accused of raiding her closet. Yes, Amber was the resident mean girl of Bronson Alcott High School and she was played by Elisa Donovan in the movie and the TV show. You may have spotted Donovan years later as Morgan Cavanaugh on Sabrina the Teenage Witch's college years. But where has she been since then?
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So Where's Elisa Donovan Now?

Since her days on Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Donovan has kept busy. She was in A Night at the Roxbury and she's appeared in episodes of Judging Amy, NCIS, The Lake, In Gayle We Trust, and Melissa & Joey.

According to IMDB, she's just wrapped another movie, Angie X.
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Sean Patrick Thomas
You Remember Him From: Save The Last Dance, Cruel Intentions, Can't Hardly Wait

Who can forget Sean Patrick Thomas as Derek, Julia Stiles' love interest with incredible dance moves, in Save The Last Dance? But Thomas starred in a ton of movies in the '90s, including teen favorites like Cruel Intentions and Can't Hardly Wait. He went on to star in Barbershop in 2002. But where's your favorite dancing boyfriend been since then?
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So Where's Sean Patrick Thomas Now?

Sean Patrick Thomas has been keeping busy with a slew of TV and movie roles. He went on to star as Jimmy in both Barbershop sequels. He's been on episodes of Bones, NCIS, and American Horror Story. Most recently, he's been the voice of Professor Macalester on the web series Vixen, which airs on CW Seed, the CW's streaming platform.
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Ali Larter
You Remember Her From: Drive Me Crazy, Legally Blonde, Varsity Blues

Ali Larter was always the hot girl who didn't take anyone's shit. She rocked cool pink hair in Drive Me Crazy and played Elle's sorority sister on trial, Brooke Taylor-Windham, in Legally Blonde. If you're wondering what she's been up to, here's a hint: A lot.
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So Where's Ali Larter Now?

Girl is kicking ass and taking names. In the 2000s, she went on to star in Final Destination and Resident Evil sequels. She also played Niki Sanders (a.k.a. Jessica Sanders) and Tracy Strauss on Heroes. She starred opposite Beyoncé and Idris Elba in Obsessed (which has the most epic, ridiculous fight scene, ever). And now, she's on Fox's new show, Pitch.
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Shannon Elizabeth
You Remember Her From: American Pie, Scary Movie

Shannon Elizabeth was basically the "hot girl" in a ton of movies and TV shows from the '90s and early 2000s. She's best remembered for playing Nadia in the American Pie series.
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So Where's Shannon Elizabeth Now?

She's been pretty busy. Elizabeth was notably the "hot girl" once again in Love Actually. She had a stint on That 70's Show as Brooke. And since, she's become the queen of TV movies, starring in Catch A Christmas Star and In The Dark. When she's not acting, she's working with her charity, Animal Avengers. She started the animal welfare charity back in 2001.
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Andrew Keegan
You Remember Him From:
10 Things I Hate About You, O

Andrew Keegan was everywhere in the '90s. You probably remember him as Joey Donner in 10 Things I Hate About You, the self-obsessed wannabe model who's willing to pay to get Bianca to date him. But when Keegan wasn't starring in teen movies, he was on hit TV shows like Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Party of Five, and 7th Heaven.
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So Where's Andrew Keegan Now?

Believe it or not, Keegan is now the cofounder of a "spiritual community" called Full Circle. Last year, undercover agents from the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control busted a Full Circle charity event because he was selling several bottles of “illegal” fermented kombucha.
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Eliza Dushku
You Remember Her From:
Bring It On

If you thought Missy from Bring It On was the only cool Toro, then you were right. Eliza Dushku was the rebel among the ranks of otherwise bland Toros cheerleaders — and that's what made us love her. Dushku went on to play Faith on both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. We all know what became of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Gabrielle Union — but where's Eliza Dushku?
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So Where's Eliza Dushku Now?

Once the 2000s came around, Dushku became a TV star. She starred in two series: Tru Calling and Dollhouse. She also starred in the horror movie Wrong Turn. She's had roles on everything from Ugly Betty to White Collar. These days, Dushku stars on the Cinemax show Banshee as special agent Veronica Dawson.
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Haviland Morris
You Remember Her From: Sixteen Candles

If there's one thing everyone in Sixteen Candles can agree on, it's this: Caroline is "perfect." She's the beautiful, popular, party girl that Jake Ryan is dating at the beginning — and for most of — the movie. But what happened to everyone's favorite party girl?
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So Where's Haviland Morris Now?

Haviland Morris hasn't slowed down since Sixteen Candles — but she did become a redhead. In the 1990s, she starred in movies like Gremlins 2: The New Batch and Home Alone 3. Morris became the soap-opera queen, starring on classics like One Life To Live and As The World Turns. Later, she played Olivia Pruitt on One Tree Hill. Since then, Morris has had a steady set of roles on major TV shows, like Blue Bloods, The Good Wife, and Elementary.
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Breckin Meyer
You Remember Him From: Clueless, The Craft

Once upon a time, Breckin Meyer was the lovable stoner on Clueless who fell in love with Brittany Murphy's Tai. But he also played a high school bro in The Craft and even the lead singer of the worst band, ever, in Can't Hardly Wait.
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So Where's Breckin Meyer Now?

Meyer went on to star in a few movies in the 2000s, like Road Trip, Garfield, and Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past. But for the most part, he's been very busy on TV. Meyer starred in the short-lived show Inside Schwartz. Later, he starred on the series Franklin & Bash with former teen dream Mark-Paul Gosselaar (a.k.a. Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell). But his real success as been doing voice work for shows like Titan Maximum, Robot Chicken, and King of the Hill, where he was the voice of Joseph Gribble!
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Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
You Remember Her From: She's All That, Halloween: H20

Before there was Regina George, there was Taylor Vaughn. O'Keefe played the meanest prom queen of all time in the teen movie She's All That. O'Keefe managed to make the meanest girl, ever, totally watchable. She also pulled off an insane all-gold prom ensemble and one of the most difficult prom dance sequences in any teen film.
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So Where's Jodi Lyn O'Keefe Now?

Before She's All That, O'Keefe played Cassidy Bridges on the series Nash Bridges. She continued on the show until 2001. After that, she went on to do lots of small parts on TV shows until she hit it big: First, as Gretchen Morgan on Prison Break and later as Isabella on Two and a Half Men. Most recently, she played Dr. Jo Laughlin on The Vampire Diaries and Lionel Davenport on Hit the Floor.
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Jeremy Sisto
You Remember Him
From: Clueless

Elton may not be good at suck and blow or understanding consent, but he's one of the leaders of "the crew" in Clueless. For that, and his deep singing voice, we will always remember Jeremy Sisto.
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So Where's Jeremy Sisto Now?

He's starred in so many TV shows! He had recurring roles as Billy Chenowith on HBO's Six Feet Under, Lucian Knapp on Kidnapped, and Cyrus Lupo on Law & Order. Most recently, Sisto starred on Suburgatory.
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Lauren Ambrose
You Remember Her From: Can't Hardly Wait

Lauren Ambrose played Denise Fleming in Can't Hardly Wait, the former BFF of Seth Green's Kenny Fisher. She was the girl who grew up to be totally uncool, but we still loved her. We'll never forget their awkward hookup in a house-party bathroom — or the morning after.
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So Where's Lauren Ambrose Now?

Ambrose went straight from Can't Hardly Wait to the hit show Party of Five. Later, she starred in Six Feet Under as Claire Fisher. Since then, she's been on a lot of shows, like Torchwood and Dig. She recently starred in the TV movie The Interestings, based on the best-selling novel.
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Michael Schoeffling
You Remember Him From: Sixteen Candles

Have you ever watched Sixteen Candles and felt like, If I was a teenager in the '80s, Jake Ryan would have been bae? I mean, who hasn't? Jake Ryan wasn't just Molly Ringwald's dream guy in Sixteen Candles — he was that unattainable cool, hot guy every girl fell in love with in high school. He was the perfect '80s heartthrob.
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So Where's Michael Schoeffling Now?

He's given up the game, everyone. Seriously — we couldn't even find a picture of him that isn't from the early 1990s. Schoeffling went on to star in a few movies in the 1980s, including Vision Quest with Matthew Modine (who most people now know as "Papa" on Stranger Things) and Mermaids. But his acting résumé ends in 1991. According to ABC News, he quit acting. He now works as a carpenter near Wilkes-Barre, PA. Schoeffling is married with two children.
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