10 Times Hillary Clinton Was Mentioned — For Better Or Worse — In Rap Songs

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Close out of Soundcloud, stop plugging your mixtape. Want a shortcut to hip hop royalty? Become the most famous woman politician of our time. For better or for worse, Hillary Clinton is an undisputed hip hop legend. To prove it, we've collected her 10 greatest hits.

Whether you're with her (like the Knowles-Carters and the Kardashian-Wests are, of course) or against her, Hillz has left enough of an imprint on pop culture to have been referenced in quite a few songs. Let's revel in an HRC pop-culture playlist. No matter the election's outcome, HRC is the undoubtedly the candidate with the most music cred. In case you forgot, she's already got a Grammy.

Spoiler alert: Some of these songs feature overt sexism, but that's just one more glass ceiling we're all working to break.

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“White Girl," Young Jeezy

"Hilary Clinton, she my best friend (Tell 'Em) / Even co-signed for that new white Benz."

Hillary Clinton might co-sign on your Benz, but she'll definitely co-sign on your American dream.
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"Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe Remix," Kendrick Lamar ft. Jay Z

"Sittin' next to Hillary smelling like dank, presidential pardon"

Sounds like Jay has been #WithHer since this song dropped in 2013.
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"Stand Tall," Ice Cube

“Never put your trust in Hillary Rodham, cause I can tell you now it's gon' turn out rotten.”

Not every reference is a positive one. But don't hate the player; hate the game.
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"We Can Get It On," Yo Gotti

"We like Hova and B / Maybe Hillary, Bill / We can be who eva we wanna / shawty long as we real"

If we're ranking power couples, this is a pretty good start: The Clintons are only second to the Knowles-Carters.
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"Grillz," Nelly

"Got a bill in my mouth like I'm Hillary Rodham"

Rodham double entendres are central to HRC's hip hop cred.
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"Stay Together," Ludacris

"Hillary's still with Bill Clinton / How do they do it? / He got his dick sucked and the whole damn world knew it"

Well...forgive and forget.
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"Make U Feel Alright," Juvenile Ft. Kango Slim & Jay Da Menace

"Got'chu feelin me the way that Jada feelin Will / and Hillary feelin Bill / a chick that gon' keep it real f'real"

This time, Hill and Bill are positioned next to another iconic entertainment power couple.
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"Letter To The King," The Game Ft. Nas

"If Dr. King marched today, would Bill Gates march? / I know Obama would / but would Hillary take part?"

Yes. Yes, she would.
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"Back Together," Robin Thicke Ft. Nicki Minaj

"Used to call me Hillary cause I ride ‘em (Rodham)"

Robin Thicke is kind of gross, but Nicki is spitting the truth: Hillary is democracy's ride or die.
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"Formation," Beyoncé

Okay, okay — this one is a joke. But can someone tell CNN's conservative pundits that just because Bey is #WithHer doesn't mean it makes sense to hold Hill accountable for the queen's lyrics?
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