Brie Larson's Adventures In Early Voting Are Hilarious

Brie Larson had quite the adventure when she went to go vote in California on Saturday —one that included pizza. How do we know this, you might ask? Because Larson documented it all on Instagram.

Larson was on a mission to cast her ballot early, no matter how long it would take. And long it was.

Unfortunately, pizza didn't make the line move any faster and after three hours (!!!) Larson was still waiting to vote. Of course, she was not alone.

CBS Los Angeles
reported that the turnout was so big for the first weekend of early voting in Los Angeles county that people waited four hours or more to fill out their ballot. So many people showed up that polling places stayed open past their original 4 p.m. closing time.

But, as Larson's "Give A Damn" shirt made clear, long lines and hunger would not stop her from completing her patriotic duty.

So, if you find yourself on a long voting line this year follow Larson's lead: Fill yourself up with pizza and sugar and keep thinking of that really cool "I Voted" sticker you'll get when it's all over.

Let the adventure in voting begin!
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Photo: Via @brielarson.
It all started with a very, very long line. Like, the longest. But, Larson remained calm.

"Alright world," she wrote. "I'm about to wait in the insanely long and impressive line behind me to vote early! Power to the people."
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Photo: Via @brielarson.
The people though got hungry, which is why Larson decided to order a pizza while waiting. Mmm, pepperoni.

"Made friends with my fellow voters," Larson wrote. "I taught them my personal motto: "When life gives you a line, order pizza."

A motto that all Americans can surely get behind.
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Photo: Via @brielarson.
While she was no longer standing after three hours of waiting, Larson was adamant that she hadn't lost her passion to get in that booth in make a choice.

"Voting YES on COMMITTED TO THIS ELECTION," she joked.
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Photo: Via @brielarson.
The line was so long that news crews showed up to interview these tenacious early voters. Surprisingly, no one wanted to talk to Larson, a rarity that the Oscar winner found refreshing.

"And then the Channel 2 news showed up and they did NOT want to interview me," she wrote. "I love America!"

Her smile says it all here. Watch her voting friend talk about his experience on the line here.
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Photo: Via @brielarson.
All the waiting time on made Larson hungry. But this time, she was craving something sweet so her friend FaceTimed her from a bakery.

"Our friends were nice and let her leave the line, because SUGAR," Larson wrote. And we get it, we've all been there.

As the photo shows, it was not an easy choice. But, clearly, for Larson, voting was.