Kendall Jenner's Band Tees Ranked By The Odds She's Actually A Fan

Kendall Jenner's fashion preferences have definitely evolved over the years, but she's stayed very faithful to one particular item. She's been quite consistent with her love of the graphic T-shirt. She's particularly partial to a certain sort of graphic shirt: the band tee. It's been a wardrobe stalwart of hers for years, and the lazy girl in us totally sees why. The colorful tees are easily paired with jeans or leggings for an effortlessly cool look.
But does she actually listen to any of these bands? How does she determine which swag to rep? Some of her tee choices are obvious (Yeezy, because duh), while some are less so (Megadeth and Slayer, to name a few). In an effort to solve this perpetually-unfolding mystery, we’ve ranked Kenny’s graphic band tees based on the odds that she’s actually a fan of the artist.

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1. Kanye West

Kendall is obviously a supportive fan of her brother-in-law: She’s worn several iterations of his merch countless times, and she's thoroughly-documented his insane concerts, too. Also, we never doubt the Kardashian's love of fam.
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2. John Lennon

Kendall has tweeted that she's a fan of Lennon and The Beatles. She's also rocking Lennon-inspired glasses, which makes this tee choice one of her most believable picks.
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3. Michael Jackson

Odds are high that Kendall is a fan of the “King Of Pop” as he's one of the most iconic music figures of the last century. Plus, she's well-versed in grooving to MJ: the choreography in the Balmain x H&M campaign video she starred in last year was inspired by Jackson’s song,"Bad."
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4. Guns N' Roses

Okay, so this 'gram is from 2014, but Kendall attended a Guns N' Roses concert in August this year. Suffice to say, she seems like a fan of the band IRL.
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5. AC/DC

This band has one of the most prolific discographies out there. We can definitely envision Kendall rocking out to “You Shook Me All Night Long” or “Back In Black" at karaoke night, but you probably don't want to ask her about the deeper cuts.
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6. ZZ Top

This blues-inspired rock band formed in 1969, a quarter-century before Kendall was even born. We love the shirt, and Kenny definitely rocks it, but we're not completely sold on her appreciation of ZZ Top's technical mastery and lyrical prowess (though she does share the band's love of dark shades).
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7. Metallica

Metallica tees, which Kendall's sisters have also rocked many times, are often more of a fashion statement than earnest band endorsement. Also, Kendall pretty much destroyed this shirt and removed the Metallica logo all together, so we're comfortable assuming that she's not truly a fan of the metal band, or just a bigger fan of her bralette.
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8. Megadeth

Kendall wore a Megadeth shirt to Coachella 2015, one of the most photographed events of the year. But, we never really pegged her for a fan of this kind of guitar-shredding heavy metal. If she is, then — in the words of lead singer Dave Mustaine —our heads might explode (explode, explode).
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9. T.Rex

This glam rock band is really great, but T.Rex might be a little too obscure for Kenny, though we bet she'd recognize this earworm.
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10. Slayer

Slayer's frontman is publicly anti-Kardashian. Until we've seen Kendall swapping devil horns in her posed portraits instead of a smize, we're going to say that this is purely a fashion statement.

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