These Tiny Tattoos Are The Prettiest Things We've Seen All Week

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Tattoos have remained a big trend for years, only now it seems as though the circumference of body ink flooding our Instagram feeds is getting smaller and smaller. Looking to get in on the teeny-tat action? Maybe you go for a delicate design that's just behind your ear. Or you could make like Shia LaBeouf and get matching Missy Elliott tattoos on your calves. Do whatever you please; tattoos are all about self-expression, after all, and that means anything goes.

That said, we've noticed a few particular designs that are picking up speed on social media — and they somehow manage to be both minimalistic, whimsical, and oh-so-fun. Some designs carry a deep, significant meaning — we love those, too. We're talking pineapples big and small, semi-colons, and unicorns galore. If you have one of these things permanently adorning your skin, consider yourself ahead of the curve.

Click through the slides ahead for a few of our favorite trending tattoos. If you love them as much as we do, you may find yourself booking an appointment in the near future.
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Photo: via @kylejohnson.tattoos/Instagram.
This pineapple tattoo on the nape of the neck only reveals itself when you wear an updo — or, if you're short-haired, it's your constant companion.
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Photo: via @sapiensarttattoo /Instagram.
Go geometric; this abstract version of a pineapple is an out-of-the-box take on the trend.
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Photo: via
A top-of-the-foot tattoo may hide beneath your boots for now, but it'll be on full display come sandal season.
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Photo: via @sarawmaudit/Instagram.
If you lean toward the "less-is-more" aesthetic, this minimalistic take on the prickly fruit makes for an angular masterpiece.
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Photo: via @nycinkmaster/Instagram.
A touch of delicate shading makes this pineapple look almost exactly like the real thing.
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Photo: via @dazednconfucius /Instagram.
This minimalist tattoo peeks out from just below the under-bra area.
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Photo: via @nicetattooideas/Instagram.
We love unicorn makeup, we love unicorn costumes, and we definitely love a geometric unicorn tattoo.
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Photo: via @wei_ca/Instagram.
This watercolor unicorn ink channels major My Little Pony vibes.
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Photo: via @therealelectriccircus
This colorful piece of whimsical body art is even better than jewelry.
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Photo: via @feih94/Instagram.
This turquoise geometric ankle design is pure simplistic art.
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Photo: via @_lioness_1201_/Instagram.
Semi-colon tattoos aren't just pretty — these tiny tattoos also represent the decision to live. Grammatically, the semicolon indicates that the author has chosen not to end a sentence; the tattoos indicate that the wearer has chosen not the end their life. Read more about the significance here.
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Photo: via @nikki.tattooer/Instagram.
This beautiful piece of ink shows that somewhere between heartbeats, you could use a brief pause.
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Photo: via @georgialax15jacky/Instagram.
Want a butterfly tat and a semi-colon? Get 'em both.
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Photo: via @darladeville/Instagram.
This minimalist wrist design pairs the semi-colon with a single heart. So pretty, no?
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