Whole Foods, AubRih, & More Merch We Wish Existed

"Merch" has to be one of 2016's most buzz-worthy terms — and overall concepts. Whether you blame its rise to popularity on Justin Bieber, Kanye West, or Rihanna, it happened, and the world hasn't been able to escape logo'd-out hoodies and cult graphic tees over the last 12 months. Seemingly everyone is getting in on the craze, with clothing booths infiltrating everywhere from fashion shows to your local drugstore.

All this talk, of course, got us thinking about the labels, stores, and people that don't have branded merchandise, but should. We've seen our share of skater brands and metal bands (here's looking at you, Thrasher and Metallica), but it's time for some low-key, more unexpected labels to get in on the madness. If DHL could have its moment thanks to Vetements, why can't the United States Postal Service?

That's why, we teamed up with illustrator Blake Wright to imagine the merch we wish existed. Click through to see the items we'd like to buy (if only they were real), and let us know in the comments below what logos you'd like to see splashed all over some gear in the near future.
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Illustrated by Blake Wright.
Raf For Calvin Klein Merch
WWRSD: What Will Raf Simons Do? No one knows, exactly, but everyone is anxiously awaiting the designer's arrival in New York City, and better yet at Calvin Klein. But the guy can conquer streetwear just as well as he can couture, and we're rooting for him, big time. And what better way to do just that than with our excitement emblazoned across our chests?
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Illustrated by Blake Wright.
Rihanna x Drake Save-The-Date Merch
If When Rihanna and Drake finally decide to publicly proclaim their love, tie the knot, and live happily ever after, we'd expect nothing less than save-the-dates in T-shirt form. Just think about how good this would look with sweatpants, hair tied, chillin' with no makeup on.
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Illustrated by Blake Wright.
Instagram Husband Merch
From behind-the-scenes magic-makers to internet icons in their own right, Insta buddies deserve a symbol of their success that might just get them some in-front-of-the-camera time of their own.
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Illustrated by Blake Wright.
"I Survived Yeezy Season 4" Merch
First, we basically have Kanye West and his Life of Pablo clothing phenomenon to thank for the state of merch today. And though he sold tees at his NYFW debacle as souvenirs, the items actually should have read, "I Survived Yeezy Season 4." Enough said.
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Illustrated by Blake Wright.
Whole Foods Merch
Let's admit: This would be the perfect, ironic-non-ironic jacket to wear for those late-night almond milk runs. Organic or bust.
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Illustrated by Blake Wright.
USPS Merch
Thanks to Vetements, DHL had its moment in the style spotlight. Really, it's only a matter of time before the United States Postal Service makes its way to the top (likely at the hands of Demna Gvasalia).
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Illustrated by Blake Wright.
Celebrity Offspring Merch
From Kaia Gerber to Brooklyn Beckham, North West to Blue Ivy (who, for the record, aren't friends), kids with famous parents have officially become more relevant (and talked about) than the parents themselves. Some call it nepotism, we call it the next generation. Wear this one proud to show you're way ahead of the curve.
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Illustrated by Blake Wright.
7-Eleven Merch
With an on-trend, neon color palette, let's just say we could definitely see Queen Bey wearing a Slurpee-inspired one-piece bathing suit in her next music video.
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Illustrated by Blake Wright.
Bodega Merch
Between credit card minimums and tempting knick-knacks, your corner store knows how to get people to spend those few extra dollars. Just think how savvy they'd be to add some merch next to the aisles of gum and Top Ramen, featuring the brands of choice.
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Illustrated by Blake Wright.
Fashion Dog Merch
It's not just editors, bloggers, and buyers in the front row at Fashion Week anymore — it's the industry's favorite dogs, too. Pups like @ToastMeetsWorld and @NevilleJacobs have become stars in their own right; it's time their fan following gets the clothes to match.
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Illustrated by Blake Wright.
Nail Salon Merch
Yes, we're suggesting your favorite local salon takes its tacky-cool neon signs and turns them into Gigi-approved bombers. It's an Instagram waiting to happen.
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Illustrated by Blake Wright.
Planned Parenthood Merch
Sure, Planned Parenthood already has its own marketplace, but how good would some Thrasher-esque baseball tees look in the mix?