The Best Of Saturday Night Live With Tom Hanks & Lady Gaga

Photo: Rosalind O'Connor/NBC.
The final presidential debate was last week, which means that the Saturday Night Live writers' room must be in mourning. So much great material gone! But if last night's episode proved anything, it's that SNL can be hilarious without political spoofing, especially when it has a top-notch host.

Let's be real: Most of the sketches from last night's episode were funny, even the ridiculous ones like "Haunted Elevator." Weekend Update featured great commentary from Leslie Jones, who is finally getting her chance to shine.

And lastly, Lady Gaga performed two songs from her album, Joanne. Both times, she wore her signature pink hat. SNL hasn't posted videos of either performance online, but it kind of makes sense. There was a lot of solid material last night, so Gaga's "A-YO" and "Million Reasons" will have to wait.

Click ahead for the best moments from last night's Saturday Night Live.
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The Final Presidential Debate
Last week, Donald Trump said that he hates Alec Baldwin's impression of him. That feedback only seemed to make Baldwin shine brighter. As expected, SNL really brought it with this final debate sketch.

Bad news: There is no more debate material. Good news: McKinnon is still going to be hilarious as Clinton in the future.
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A Girl's Halloween
What starts as a super-fun Halloween night with you and your girls promising to be classy turns into a alcohol-fueled nightmare with girls crawling on the streets of NYC and vomiting in their pizza. The concept may not be that original, but the performances from Cecily Strong, Aidy Bryant, and Vanessa Bayer make it funny.
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Black Jeopardy
Here's the scene: Tom Hanks is a Donald Trump supporter who's made it onto an episode of Black Jeopardy. Surprisingly, Hanks (Doug in the sketch) is great at playing the game. It's actually hilarious how good he is. But just when Kenan Thompson shouts, "You're alright Doug," one category pops up that the contestants won't be able to agree on. It was good while it lasted, Doug.
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"If You Want To See Leslie Jones Naked, Just Ask"
Weekend Update wasn't spectacular — with the exception of this moment. Leslie Jones spoke at length about being hacked and made it clear that it's going to take a lot more than leaked photos to bring her down.
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Haunted Elevator
This is one of those SNL sketches that really shouldn't work, because it's just so damn ridiculous. But when you have the likes of Kate McKinnon, Kenan Thompson, and Tom Hanks all ready to give it their all, it makes it worth the watch. Is David S. Pumpkins — along with his skeleton dancers — terrifying? You decide.
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Tom Hanks' Dad Monologue
This monologue was equal parts funny and touching. A magazine recently called Hanks "America's Dad," so he takes a moment to tell his children (America) that it's all going to be okay after this election. There's nothing as comforting as a few calming words from dad mixed with attempts to use words like "fleek."