M&M's Just Got A Brand-New Filling, & We're Losing Our Minds

Photo: Courtesy of Mars.
With its classic M&M's, Mars has been bring the unbeatable combination of creamy milk chocolate and hard candy shell to the world for the past 75 years, and we never thought it could get any better. Today, however, the candy company made a huge announcement, and it may mean that this can't-lose combo is finally getting bested.

Mars just announced that in May 2017, M&M's Caramel Chocolate Candies will be hitting a shelf near you. This is not a drill, people. Very soon, you can get that classic milk chocolate candy with a smooth caramel center. Money reports, M&M's Caramel will become a permanent flavor, and it notably marks the introduction of a whole new category of M&M's: soft and chewy.

According to Tanya Berman, M&M's brand director, the company did extensive market research to come up with this new filling. She explained in a press release, "Chocolate and caramel is such a popular flavor combination, especially with the fans of M&M's. In our research, our fans were enthusiastic at the possibility of a Caramel variant, and we can't wait for them to try the perfect balance of soft caramel and delicious M&M's chocolate this spring." The feeling it mutual, Tanya. We can't wait to try it, either. Is it May yet?