7 Instagrams That Accurately Depict Post-Breakup Life

Photographed by Angela Pham.
If you've ever gone through a breakup of any kind, Mari Andrew's drawings will probably hit pretty close to home.

The artist began posting her illustrations of twentysomething life to Instagram in 2014, and ever since, they have been a hit with fans for their wit and relatability.

"I draw every day about things that have actually happened to me, which I guess is why they ring true to other people," Andrew tells Refinery29. "We're all basically going through the same things, which I didn't realize until I started putting all my feelings out there on the internet!"

Andrew's uncanny ability to illustrate what we're all feeling, she says, stems from being able to channel her pain into art.

"If you're able to take your feelings of insecurity and rejection, and create art about them, they no longer have a hold of you, you know? It's very therapeutic to draw out your heartaches — I recommend it to everyone," she says.

And while the drawings don't necessarily reflect everyone's experiences (particularly if you're not a straight woman), their messages can probably resonate with many of us.

Take a look at some of Andrew's illustrations, ahead, and follow her on Instagram at @bymariandrew.
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Illustrated by: Mari Andrew.
Anyone who has run into an ex more times than is necessary will be able to relate to this.
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Illustrated by: Mari Andrew.
The map you'll need to navigate post-breakup life.
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Illustrated by: Mari Andrew.
A (sometimes) accurate relationship timeline.
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Illustrated by: Mari Andrew.
Most disappointing response ever.
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Illustrated by: Mari Andrew.
One of the stages of post-breakup life.
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Illustrated by: Mari Andrew.
But hey — we all have baggage.
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Illustrated by: Mari Andrew.
The kind of plagiarism you don't often think about.