30 Ways To Make Your Apartment Totally Winterproof

Fall gets a lot of glory, as far as seasons go: pumpkin spice this, sweater weather that, it's like we're excited about everything starting in late September. Well, we're going to champion winter for a change, the time of year when you’re allowed — practically required — to spend more days inside.

By outfitting yourself with the right tools, you can reach new levels of cozy enlightenment that let you soar right past the seasonal doldrums. While heated blankets, heated slippers, heated everything is a given, there's more to making your home a desirable place to hole up in for months (or at least days) on end. For that, you'll want items like a coffee maker that brews the best cup you’ve ever had, and a phone-controlled lighting system so you don't have to get out of bed to turn out the hall light. A light therapy lamp to help you make up for lost vitamin D may not be a must — but it certainly can't hurt, right?

We’ve found 30 gadgets and gear that will keep your home at its comfiest and also provide plenty of entertainment to stave off boredom through the darkest days of the season. Read on for our picks — you may find they'll be welcome in your home year-round.
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If you live in an old, drafty house, the portable heater is going to be the star of your home’s winter interior design scheme. The Anna heater by Stadler Form is ultra compact at just 14 inches tall, and looks more like a speaker than the clunky space heaters of yore.

Stadler Form Anna Heater, $97.99, available at Amazon.
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If you thought sheepskin slippers were warm, prepare thy feet for something even better: heated foot warmers. Plug this cheeky pair into a USB outlet and you’ll feel like you can claw through any winter weather.

Modcloth Best Is Yeti To Come USB Foot Warmers, $39.99, available at Modcloth.
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Sure, Siri and Alexa can share the day's meteorological highlights, but the serious weather aficionado will want a forecast more thorough than a cloud icon. The Netatmo Weather Station monitors not only indoor and outdoor temperatures with its dual towers, but it also tracks air quality and humidity, and provides easy-to-understand charts in its app.

Netatmo Weather Station, $148, available at Amazon.
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With everyone weighed down in parkas and gloves, we’re betting we’ll see a lot fewer Snapchat stories this winter than during summer’s carefree days. Unless, that is, you're wearing Snapchat Spectacles, which debut later this year. A click of these sunglasses captures 10-second videos, which upload automatically to Snapchat via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, all while your phone stays in your pocket.

Snapchat Spectacles, $130, available at Spectacles.com.
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Once you’ve discovered the magic of boiling water to a French press-perfect 200 degrees — and in less than five minutes, no less — you’ll never go back to that antiquated stove-based kettle.

Cuisinart Electric Kettle, $99.95, available at Amazon.
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Our winter weekend calendars are already getting booked solid with a whole lot of Netflix. If you've just been watching on your phone or laptop, it’s time to upgrade. Roku’s latest Streaming Stick is portable enough that you can take it with you if movie night moves to a friend's house. And its quad-core processor ensures buffering is a thing of the past.

Roku Streaming Stick, $49.95, available at Roku.com.
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A one-pot recipe is the perfect lazy way to make a delicious meal. This budget-friendly slow cooker will reliably do its job cooking up soups, roasts, and whatever cold weather comfort food calls to you — without needing you to spend hours in the kitchen.

Hamilton Beach Set 'n Forget Programmable Slow Cooker, $49, available at Amazon.
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As the days get shorter and darker, the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder start to get real. Take steps towards combating the seasonal gloom with light therapy. A few hours a day spent near a UV-free, daylight-simulation lamp can help alleviate feelings of sluggishness and start brightening moods affected by the seasonal changes.

Verilux HappyLight Energy Lamp, $74.99, available at Amazon.
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This winter, we solemnly swear not to let our coffees get cold — for at least eight hours. From home to commute to the first three meetings of the day, this mug proves its loyalty in the best way we know: by keeping our soul-warming coffee hot.

Thermos Steel Commuter Bottle, $26.28, available at Amazon.
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That windowsill herb garden you nurtured throughout the spring and summer is probably looking a little sad right now. The space-age technology of these countertop plug-in, soil-free planters will make gardening through the winter months easy and convenient.

Miracle-Gro Aero Garden Sprout, $69.95, available at Target.
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Toast is a breakfast staple, but it doesn't have to be boring. If you're willing to spend a little extra, your morning toast could become the most entertaining part of your whole day.

Burnt Impressions Selfie Toaster, $65, available at Amazon.
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Or, you can bring your toast into the living room. Meet your new binge-watching partner, the heated toast pillow. Sure, it’ll keep you as warm as what just popped out of that selfie toaster, but its adorable shape will also lighten the mood regardless of how frightful it is outside.

Modcloth Crust Be Dreaming USB Warming Pillow, $44.99, available at Modcloth.
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When the sunlight is at a minimum, you want to make sure you're still getting your daily dose of fruits and veggies so you're chock-full of vitamins. And if you prefer sipping that nutrition rather than chewing it, you might consider investing in a juicer. It might seem like a pricey purchase, but it's cheaper in the long run than buying a daily juice at the store.

Omega J80 Masticating Juicer, $259.95, available at Amazon.
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A smartphone-controlled candle may seem like overkill, but if you give it a chance, it’s genius. You get the cozy ambiance of flickering lights, the cool bonus of dimming the candle to a ROYGBIV hue, plus peace of mind that you don't have to worry about possibly dozing off before extinguishing these flames.

Revogi Smart Candle, $19.99, available at Amazon.
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Don’t risk icicle fingers by removing half of your glove just to request an Uber ride home. Phone-friendly gloves are a necessity in today's modern world.

The North Face Etip Glove, $45, available at The North Face.
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Okay, the PancakeBot is a little too big and too expensive for your average apartment kitchen. But if you can convince family to chip in, this will revolutionize Saturday morning brunch at your next family get-together.

PancakeBot 3-D Food Printer, $262, available at Amazon.
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Energy bills tend to get a little out of hand in the winter. Discover how much energy consumption your appliances are using (and control which outlets are actually in "on" mode) by plugging a few Belkin WeMo switches into your most-used outlets. The app makes device control and energy monitoring simple, and the switch can be easily paired with other smart home hub systems.

Belkin WeMo Insight Switch, $49.99, available at Amazon.
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The app-based interface of this sleek brewer gives you better control of the machine, allowing coffee purists to fine-tune recipes for their beans rather than the basic “when hot, brew” guidance of other coffee makers.

Behmor Connected Coffee Maker, $244.94, available at Amazon.
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Don’t let the name fool you — this Wi-Fi-connected humidifier helps adults stay in top form throughout winter’s notorious dry days. You can ward off infections and keep skin hydrated by scheduling the humidifier to be in full-mist mode by the time you roll into bed.

Motorola Smart Nursery Humidifier, $99.99, available at Amazon.
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Fighting with your partner about how many covers to layer the bed with? Maintain the peace throughout the season by letting your partner choose how warm or cool they keep their side of the bed. This electric blanket has dual controls to keep your side cranked to sitting on the beach in the summer warmth, while your partner can enjoy their refrigerator-like levels of comfort.

SoftHeat Micro-Fleece Low-Voltage Electric Heated Blanket, $98.76, available at Amazon.
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With the windows firmly shut and the heater on for hours at a time, an apartment in winter mode becomes more than a little stuffy. Vanquish smells and indoor pollutants by keeping an air purifier in energy-saving mode. It will activate when it detects something strange in the air, and rest when its job is done.

Conway Mighty Air Purifier, $229.99, available at Amazon.
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Renters know that it’s not always easy to replace basics, such as a smoke detector, with smartphone-controlled equivalents. Plug this smoke- and carbon-monoxide monitor into an outlet and you'll get phone notifications should it detect anything out of the ordinary.

Leeo Smart Alert Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Monitor, $49.99, available at Amazon.

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Electric blanket, check. Portable heater, check. Complete the coziness cocoon with a heated mattress pad. Use the remote control to schedule a nightly preheat to have a warm bed ready before you even step into the bedroom.

Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad, $59.95, available at Amazon.
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If we’re going to be spending all this extra time inside, we’re going to make it into a party! This light kit can produce 16 million different colors for a moody ambiance — even if that mood is just for you and your cat hanging out while she plays with a toy mouse.

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Starter Kit, $199.95, available at Apple Store.
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This is the time to catch up on all the year’s incredible book offerings. Download our must-read list onto the high-res Kindle Paperwhite and have the literary world’s best at your fingertips. (We won’t judge if that means you’re reading three books at once…or rereading Harry Potter for the third time, either.)

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, $119.99, available at Amazon.
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There comes a time in your life when you just can’t watch any more films in bed on your tiny laptop or tablet screen. If you don't want a TV, just hook this projector up to any device with an HDMI or USB port and have a quality movie night while bundled in bed.

Philips Wireless Picopix Pico Projector, $269.95, available at Urban Outfitters.
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Shipping in early November, Google’s new virtual-reality headset pairs with its new Pixel phone (naturally) to make entertainment immersive. With partners including Hulu, Netflix, The New York Times, and a variety of games, you'll forget you're even cooped up indoors. We love that you can watch YouTube and explore Google Maps in virtual reality mode, as well.

Google Daydream View VR Goggles, $79, available at Google Store.
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Photo: Nintendo.
Mario and Luigi! Zelda and Link! Kirby! Classic NES games are back in a palm-sized game console fashioned to look just like the original — but with 2016 upgrades. Plug this new Nintendo into your TV’s HDMI port and while away the hours showing the Koopas who’s boss.

Nintendo NES Classic Edition, $59.99, available at Nintendo.com.
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Victory! You made it out into the dark for a run. Now add an extra element of safety with this pair of gloves that has a rechargeable LED light (sold separately) snuggled within, as well as reflective fabric along the palms.

RunLites Gloves, $19.95, available at Runlites.com.
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If winter means repeated trips to the slopes, you know the icky feeling of slipping your feet back into not-yet-dry ski boots before hitting the slopes again. This pack will guarantee your ski or snowboard boots are always warm and dry before slipping your feet into them.

Transpack Heated Backpack For Ski Boots, $199.95, available at REI.
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