Guys Are Plotting Revenge On Girls Who Steal Their Hoodies

As we head into fall, a.k.a. hoodie season, 21-year-old Texas college student Godswill Muofhe is fighting back on behalf of guys everywhere. Against what, you ask? Years of unfair clothing co-opting and season after season of sweatshirts stolen by chilly girlfriends around the world.

How? With a hashtag, of course.

Using the hashtag #TakeHerHoodie, Muofhe is starting a social movement encouraging men to get revenge by turning the tables and taking their girlfriends’ hoodies. And he's gaining momentum: by the time this article was written, his initial plea had been retweeted more than 38,000 times and received more than 67,000 likes.

Clearly, lots of men appreciate the cause...

#takeherhoodie hahahahahha

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...even if it presents some challenges.

Ladies are totally in on the joke.

Because if April and Andy are doing it, you know it's meant to be.