When Is The Absolute Last Day You Can Register To Vote? Find Out Here

When is the last day to register to vote in your state? The answer to that question may just be the most important date of this year.

Many states let people register online, by mail, or in person. Sometimes the deadlines for the three options are the same, like in California. But, as in Illinois, sometimes the dates can vary. Some states do not allow online registration at all.

In places such as Mississippi and South Carolina, potential voters must register as early as October 8. In other states, such as Colorado, New Hampshire, and Montana, you can register in person as late as Election Day. (Though it's probably better not to leave it to the absolute last minute!)

If you're in North Dakota, you're luckier than most: This is the only state where residents can vote without registering!

Ahead, check out your state's deadline so you don't leave your civic duty to the very end!

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